The Impact of Poor Quality Product Images on Ecommerce Sales and Customer Trust


Have you ever bought a product online that reads, “Photo not available”, or are you ever willing to buy something with unclear or blurred product photos?

Of course not!

And you are not alone. We all do this. 

Online shopping is all about browsing numerous photos until we find the one catching our attention. We, humans, are visual creatures and a study says that we are likely to remember a piece of information more that includes images.

Poor images are strictly not acceptable in the visual world of eCommerce. As an eCommerce business only you know that your products are amazing until your customers acknowledge the same. Images are the only way for an online buyer to judge the quality of your products.

Poor quality product images push buyers away and hurt your revenue. 

Having a striking product image is essential to entice customers, induce engagement, and uplift sales. Ecommerce photo editing service is a suitable option to obtain high-quality and clean product photos. 

Keep reading to understand the impact of poor quality product images on eCommerce sales and customer trust.

Impact of Poor Quality Product Images

Trust issues 

Yes, you read it right! Trust is the biggest essential factor in online shopping. 

A poor quality product image or no image leads to distrust. As a buyer, he/she will assume easily that you being a seller is trying to hide something. Though, the product description includes every piece of information about the product. But it is unlikely to achieve conversion without a good product image.Also, for better trustful relationships, never leave a buyer to assume what other sides or the product look like. It is advised to upload images using different angles, close-ups, and sides to provide the most information about the product.

There are numerous options available for online shoppers. A poor quality product image will not fit into the standard of the world of high-resolution images and your potential customer will move to the next seller. 

Visual information > Detailed Description 

Today’s digital era is mostly about visual information. This is the reason why social media is one of the mainstream staples of today’s world. Likewise, in an eCommerce business factual visual representation of the product is all-important. 

Regardless of how detailed the product description is written. It is difficult for a buyer to visualize the product just by reading words. A good quality and clear picture of the product gives buyers instant information about the product and whether it fits the specific requirements perfectly.

Looking at a product image is much more feasible than reading a product description to soak all the information about the product in a snap. Remove background from product image to get a clearer version of the products. The buyers can now see and compare the color, size, shape, and quality with just a glance at the product images. 

For example, if someone is looking for a modern and sleek dining table. A glance at a bulky dining table with engraved detail tells them immediately – this is not what they are actually looking for. 

Audience expansion

As per a survey, the average daily social media usage of internet users worldwide in the year 2022 was 147 minutes. As an eCommerce business owner, you can take advantage of social media to witness impactful business reach and mushroom eCommerce sales.

You can promote your products on visual-dominating social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. By posting product images on these platforms you allow your followers (potential buyers) to share them further with new potential buyers.

Additionally, you can also provide a sharing option directly from your website for better audience exposure. In this way, you make your followers or buyers your personal promotion partners. 

Here, it is important to understand, only visually appealing images hook shoppers. No one will share poor-quality product photos and they’ll probably be skipped in no time. In this way, poor quality photos definitely harm the desirable result in brand exposure and eCommerce sale in the end.

Reduce return rate 

So far, we have mentioned the impact of poor quality photos on eCommerce sales and customer trust. Now, let’s acknowledge its effect on the return rates of products.

Poor-quality images can mislead the buyer regarding the information about the product. Therefore, the product got returned, and no sale was made in the end.

An average of 30% of products purchased online, got returned to the sellers. Processing a return is fruitless for any business because money was already invested for shipping and labor of the returned product.

The biggest reason for the return in most cases is that the product looked different from what it was pictured online. It is necessary to give customers genuine information about products to have a better after-purchase experience. 


Poor images cause uncertainty, which is the biggest reason why a buyer is not interested in your products. Either the buyer will skip the product or it will rest in their shopping cart forever.

Having high-quality and clear pictures of your products will give that extra nudge to the buyers they need to click “Add to cart”.

So, it is necessary to understand the impact of poor quality product images on eCommerce sales and customer trust to create an impactful business approach for buyers. 

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