Kansas City Chiefs celebrate with fans at Super Bowl Parade

Fans photograph Chiefs football players as they drive by in decked-out double-decker buses. The parade route wound through the streets of Kansas City and ended at Union Station. (Eden Brockman | Collegian Media Group)

On Wednesday, thousands of Kansans and Missourians gathered in Kansas City outside of Union Station to celebrate the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory over the Eagles. 

Beginning at noon, a sea of spectators in red football jerseys awaited the arrival of the team to publicly speak on stage. For hours, fans were occupied by loud pop music and broadcasted replays of the team’s best plays on the big screen. 

During this time, several altercations occurred between fans. Many speculated the high energy and mass drinking added fuel to these unruly fires. Some rambunctious attendees were seen being detained for public intoxication and were wheeled away in police patrol cars for their drunken escapades. This was not to the dismay of the other fans, who watched with intrigue. 

Kansas City Chiefs fans gather in front of Union Station in downtown KC to hear players and Head Coach Andy Reid speak. Some Kansas Citians camped out overnight just to get a good spot. (Alex Rewerts | Collegian Media Group)

As time went on and momentum grew, the Chiefs’ best players made their way down the city’s lengthy parade route and ultimately gathered on stage where they were welcomed by a never-ending rain of confetti and swarms of people that seemed miles-long in all directions.

Just shy of 2 p.m., team members like Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes, Nick Bolton and Chiefs head coach Andy Reid commented on their successful performance this football season.

“Patrick Mahomes was the first quarterback in the history of the NFL to be named MVP and win a Super Bowl in the same season,” Reid said.

“We ain’t finished yet,” Mahomes said. “Just wait for next season with us. They said it was a rebuild season, but I don’t know what there is to rebuild. We are the best football team in the world.”

A ferociously passionate Chiefs fan base roared in a series of applause, whoops and hollers, eager to show their passion for the NFL team.

Chiefs fans are riding the wave of a historic and monumental season as they await yet another remarkable return of the self-proclaimed “greatest football team in the world.”