Creative Ways to Preserve the Memories of Graduation


For many of us, graduation is a once in a lifetime experience, and so it’s important to do what we can to keep the amazing memories of the day alive long after the revelries are over.

There are a lot of different ways to go about this, and the most creative options will let you stretch your imaginative muscles and craft skills, as well as leaving you with a pleasing memento that will last a lifetime.

Keepsake Boxes: How to Make the Most Out of Your Graduation Memories

One creative way to preserve the items you associated with memories of your graduation is by making keepsake boxes. With some creativity and DIY skills, you can turn an ordinary box into something truly unique. It’s also a good way to process the stress of the day.

Begin by collecting items such as degree certificates, ribbons, medals or anything else you were awarded at the ceremony. Other items to add to the box include pieces of fabric from the gown or suit you wore, or school colors used in decorations at the event itself.

Also, print out photographs taken before and during the ceremony, so that you’ve got physical copies to pop in the box. If possible, add any letters or notes sent during this time too; they’ll serve as sweet reminders of how proud people were in celebrating your success.

Lastly, don’t forget to personalize the box itself. You can use stickers, paints and other craft items to decorate it. Taking a few extra minutes here will ensure that your keepsake box is truly one of a kind. Once all these pieces have been collected and arranged, simply seal them up for safekeeping – allowing you to relive those memories whenever you need a boost.

Capturing Special Moments with Photo Albums and Scrapbooks

Graduations are a time to celebrate accomplishments, but it can be hard to remember all the details of that special day.

Capturing those memories through photo albums and scrapbooks is an easy way to preserve them. You can include everything from personal pics to associated artifacts which were part of the event, such as Mixbook’s graduation announcement cards.

If any images appear in printed media, digitally scanning them makes sense. This applies to photos taken during the ceremony itself, as well as at other related events like pre-graduation dinners. This will make sure you have access to these images even if something were ever happening to your physical copies.

Also include cards from relatives who couldn’t attend in person as well – this will help create a more complete picture of your experience on that important day.

Next move onto creating digital or physical album or scrapbook pages where you can organize all these items together into one place. Don’t forget to add captions that tell stories about each moment captured.

Make sure not add too much embellishment here so there’s still room for growth later on, as you may want to add in more details about your experience over time.

Creating a Video Time Capsule for Friends, Family, and Future Generations

Finally, if your graduation is still ahead of you, planning to make a video time capsule of the day is a good move, and one that will stand the test of time.

First begin by brainstorming ideas on how best to make this project interesting – think about who will be watching it now or later down the road. Would they appreciate funny stories? Or perhaps hearing words of wisdom directly from you? Decide on what kind of format works best: interviews, vlogs or short clips are just some examples here.

You’ll have to capture the content yourself, and work with family members and friends to collect footage from the day. Then the editing can be handled with any of the many free software tools available, or you could outsource this to a pro for a fee.

Storing your finished video in the cloud and making it available to the people in your life will give you something to look back on forever.