Lodha Upper Thane Review


I was able to put an end to my search for a luxurious yet affordable property with Lodha Upper Thane. The 3014 strong, roomy 1, 2, and 3 BHK residences in this housing complex are all spacious, comfortable, and well-lit. The Lodha Upper Thane flats, which offer a variety of amenities and are reasonably priced, are currently my preferred place to live. The grace and ease of Lodha Upper Thane characterise my lifestyle and attitude.

Reason For Buying an Apartment and How I Discovered Lodha Upper Thane

Being new to Mumbai, I wanted to locate a cosy location to live. I came across the Lodha Upper Thane brochure after seeing an advertisement. Lodha Upper Thane is an excellent illustration of how ecology, design, luxury, comfort, and style can all work together to produce a livable environment.

A 200-acre luxury house development called Lodha Upper Thane has top-notch facilities and services. It offers the highest standard of life with attractive interiors for your loving homes and robust exteriors. I feel like a king in these vast, light spaces. Homes in Lodha Upper Thane are the perfect area to live if you value luxury and comfort. Additionally, they add a sensual allure to your aura. By offering all the amenities you’ll need to live happily and comfortably for the rest of your life, Lodha enables you to realise your dream of having a home in a gated community with top-notch amenities.

Luxurious Lodha Upper Thane Amenities

A clubhouse, kids’ play area, gym, park, and swimming pool are available, giving you something to do in your free time. This one is perfect for you if you want a home with an elevator, security, and an intercom. This is the house you want if you want fire safety and visitor parking! It also has a spectacular clubhouse with 50,000 square feet that can host events and be the life of the party. With the tennis courts and indoor game zone on site, my interests in physical health and athletics are catered to.

The residences guarantee the safety and well-being of my loved ones with industry-standard compliance fire safety features, 24-hour security, and CCTV surveillance. Children can play outside without using technology, thanks to the world-class football and cricket fields nearby. Sports courts and a 5,800-square-foot gym will motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle.

3 Reasons Why I Would Recommend You to Buy a House in Lodha Upper Thane


If personalised living areas are also well-connected to the outside world, they can turn into an earthly utopia, and Lodha Upper Thane makes just that promise. You’ll be able to keep your professional commitments on schedule if you buy a home at Lodha Upper Thane. This development, designed to fulfil our needs, is conveniently located within a short (2-5-10 minutes) walk of everything. Z.P. School Gundwali, Z.P. School Vehale, and Zilla Parishad School Mankoli are nearby educational institutions. Additionally, because Laxmi Hospital, Mankoli, and Sai Baba Multispeciality Hospital are nearby, you can receive excellent medical treatment whenever you need it. The new Thane-Dombivli connection road takes roughly 10 minutes to get from Upper Thane to Dombivli (W) Station.


My budget was limited, so any property acquisitions had to be carefully considered. However, it was a stroke of luck that Lodha Upper Thane was nearby. I couldn’t find another house with similar splendour anywhere else for between 55 Lacs and 1.42 Crores. The available EMI alternatives are also quite useful. If you want to purchase anything reasonably priced, look at this property complex.


Lodha’s passion is building landmarks that uphold international standards, exemplify family values, and are based on a four-decade trust tradition. They adhere to our “Building a Better Life” mission and think houses can change people’s lives. A home is a launching pad for hopes for a happier, healthier existence. Each of their projects offers the highest standards of design and craftsmanship, unwavering quality, and unmatched service, placing Lodha developments in the top echelon of the world’s best.

Lodha Group is one of the biggest and most trusted names in the real estate industry in India and I am happy to have a home in Lodha Upper Thane! The verified property listings and information about the project showcased on NoBroker helped me a lot when I was searching for properties in Thane. If you are also actively looking for flats in Thane, I would highly recommend checking listings on NoBroker.in before heading to the project sites.