Fake it ‘til you make it: A safety guide for Fake Patty’s Day

(Graphic by Zoe Schumacher)

On Saturday, city streets will be packed full of green-clad students celebrating a yearly Manhattan tradition. Fake Patty’s Day is Kansas State students’ way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, which usually falls during spring break when students are out of town. 

The Riley County Police Department has noticed that some see Fake Patty’s as an opportunity to act irresponsibly, which could threaten the safety of others. Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of this year’s Fake Patty’s Day and stay safe and trouble-free.  

RCPD suggests all attendees pay attention to their levels of alcohol consumption. Eating and hydrating throughout the day will help reduce the effects of alcohol. Carrying snacks on celebration day can help with this. According to its website, RCPD advises not to consume more than the responsible drinking limit. This will help avoid injury and reduce the likelihood of being the target of criminal activity. 

RCPD also suggests staying in pairs or small groups while navigating Aggieville and the rest of town. To make this easier, create a plan with a list of locations for reference. Ensure you’ve shared locations with one another; this can help you stay connected on the go.  

Safe rides are important this weekend, especially considering the large number of students drinking. Ensure you have designated drivers and rides in place for Saturday. K-State offers a riding service for students called SafeRide which operates through Lyft. SafeRide provides students with discounted or free rides. This option and others can be found on the RCPD Fake Patty’s Day guide.

RCPD advises keeping valuables at home. According to its website, carrying a small amount of cash could prevent theft. Plan to carry a fanny pack or keep ID cards and cash in your phone case to ensure these items remain on you day and night.  

Know where your group will stop for bathroom breaks and rest. If possible, have a safe house location everyone can access. It is also important to know the hours of local businesses near you and what amenities they offer to the public.

See RCPD’s resource page for additional Fake Patty’s Day safety tips.