Here’s Everything You Should Know about the Dual Stern Thruster System


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Modern recreational boats are commonly fitted with extra propulsion devices such as stern, bow, and side thrusters. These thrusters include propellers that can help maneuver a boat sideways and offer more control to a driver while passengers ride the waves or wake left behind. They are most commonly used when docking or mooring a boat and can help move the boat left or right rather than backward or forward.

While stern thrusters can offer additional control and maneuverability for the boat, the captain can always benefit from a special dual stern thruster system that helps them achieve even better performance. The Supra dual stern thruster is a great example of a dual stern thruster system that offers precise control with a simple twist of a knob. It allows the captain to maneuver while trailering, picking up a rider, or docking easily.

To help you learn more about a dual stern thruster system, we have listed details about what it is and why it is so beneficial for riders. No matter if you are a novice driver or an expert, everyone can take advantage of the ease dual stern thruster systems provide and enjoy a stress-free ride.

What is a Dual Stern Thruster System?

A dual stern thruster system is a patented throttle knob control by Supra that offers drivers precise maneuverability with a simple twist of a knob. The driver can achieve greater control while inviting passengers, trailering, or even docking the boat. This feature also allows the driver to cruise waters more confidently, knowing they can adjust their position with a simple knob twist.

Important Features of a Dual Stern Thruster System

Unmatched Power & Control

A dual stern thruster system allows two 24V thrusters that are situated on the transom corners to provide efficient control. It is also quite effective in reducing energy consumption, making it a fuel-efficient feature.

Innovative Dock Hold Feature

The dual stern thruster system comes with a smart feature called Dock Hold. Dock Hold is integrated directly into the driver’s screen and allows the driver to secure the bow line from the boat’s inside. This feature helps the driver power a specific motor at a reduced intensity in a particular direction. This way, the driver can temporarily hold the stern of the boat against the dock and secure the bow line easily.

Intuitive Design That Simplifies Maneuvering 

You don’t need to be an expert to learn how to master maneuvering with the dual stern thruster system. The system is simple and intuitive, and you only need to turn the throttle knob once to activate the thrusters in burst mode in any direction. You can adjust the intensity of the bursts according to your desire from the side touchscreen.

Wrapping Up     

If you are looking for more precise control features and to make maneuvering easier for yourself, it is best to choose boats with the dual stern thruster system. This feature may seem unnecessary if you haven’t tried using it, but it can be revolutionary for your and your passengers’ safety when steering through tight spots.