Better Than Google Sheets? Try These Apps 


If you are a business manager or owner looking to manage data in a streamlined and efficient way, Google Sheets may be the first solution that comes to mind. But that’s probably because it has existed for a long time since it became part of Google apps in 2006. 


But there are better ways of managing information these days, and they don’t always involve Google. This blog post introduces the latest apps and software packages that can help simplify data management – ending archaic spreadsheets once and for all! 

Microsoft Excel Online

Microsoft Excel Online offers both free and paid versions. The free version allows users to create spreadsheets, work with formulas, and collaborate with others on shared documents. 


The paid version, Office 365, provides additional features such as advanced data analysis tools, real-time collaboration capabilities, and integration with other Office applications like Word and PowerPoint.


Airtable is another great alternative to Google Sheets. It provides users with the capabilities of a spreadsheet and the added functionalities of a database, along with an extensive range of integrated apps. Not only is it free to use, but upgrading can take your productivity to the next level. 


Airtable offers something Google Sheets does not – the ability to connect easily with Dropbox, Trello, or social media accounts, making data analysis simpler and more efficient. 


The best bit about Airtable is that it combines both the advantages of a spreadsheet and a database. Its comprehensive features and easy integration options will make your workflows faster and smoother than ever. 


Smartsheets is another online spreadsheet program that is similar to Google Sheets. It offers collaboration tools, task lists, and Gantt charts for project management. Additionally, it offers mobile access, version control, easy data sharing with colleagues and customers, and integration with other popular tools such as Salesforce and Dropbox. 


Smartsheets has many similar features to Google Sheets but also has a few unique features that make it stand out. For example, Smartsheets allows users to view multiple spreadsheets side-by-side, while Google Sheets only allows one spreadsheet to be viewed simultaneously. 


Smartsheets also offers auto-scheduling, which can help users save time and effort by automatically populating timelines. This Google Sheets alternative has free and paid options, with the free options having limited capabilities. 

Zoho Sheets 

Zoho sheets is a cloud-based spreadsheet application designed with ease in collaboration as its most vital area. Zoho sheets may look more like Google Sheets at face value. But a closer interaction with the tool brings out some unique features that make it stand out. 


For example, Zoho Sheets allows users to create complex formulas to automate calculations and data analysis tasks. It also features a built-in data reporter that allows users to report from data quickly. 

Business Management Software 

Managing production, inventory, and sales can be time-consuming and require constant manual input when using Google Sheets. The same limitation applies to most spreadsheet alternatives on the market. 


Investing in specialized business tools designed for your particular industry is best to maximize efficiency and reduce effort. These tools are designed to help businesses integrate all their processes while collecting data automatically, so you don’t have to spend valuable person-hours manually inputting information. 


If for no other reason, the inability to gather data from your business automatically would be why you should stop using Google Sheets to oversee production, inventory, and sales. The same applies to all applications that require manual data entry. 

Final Words 

For businesses looking to find a tailored solution for their data analysis and automation needs, the tools highlighted in this post are great alternatives to Google Sheets. These tools come with powerful features that can help simplify tedious tasks and streamline workflows – allowing you the time to focus on more critical aspects of your business.