Kansas State Living – Best Neighborhoods for Faculty Members


In Kansas, there’s no place like home. Kansas is more than simply prairies and plains. The Sunflower State has much to offer, with inexpensive housing expenses and lower living costs than the national average.

Family considerations are a significant cause for individuals coming to Kansas, so education in the state is essential. Kansas has numerous towns that are very proud of their colleges. Families may seek great higher education institutions for their children in the future.

Best Neighborhoods In Kansas State For Faculty Members

1. Leawood

In the right circumstances, Leawood is a triple threat. It is the finest area to live in Kansas, the best suburb and place to raise a family and for students and faculty members. According to residents, the close-knit community makes Leawood a great place to live.

The lovely type of houses and the pleasure that people take in their properties all contribute to the attraction. Securing a mortgage from Sofi.com and other mortgage companies can help you find your ideal place to live in this lovely neighborhood.

2. Prairie Village

Prairie Village is a Kansas City suburb with a population of 22,812. Prairie Village is located in Johnson County and is considered one of the best locations to live in Kansas. Prairie Village provides residents with a minimal suburban atmosphere; most homeowners own their houses.

There are several restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in Prairie Village. Prairie Village is home to many families, young professionals, and seniors, so people tend to be conservative. Prairie Village’s public schools are well-regarded, and their universities have provided high success rates in engineering.

3. Westwood

Regarding Kansas City, Westwood is the most affluent suburb in Johnson County. While located inside the city borders, the Westwood neighborhood has a village-like vibe due to its small population of 1,795 people.

Property in the neighborhood is reasonably priced, given its proximity to the City and idealistically low crime figures. So if you are looking for a quiet place to focus on your tasks far from city noises, this is the place for you.

4. Overland Park

You will surely be pleased to learn that Overland Park is the eighth finest City in America.

The 181,464-person resident population would unanimously agree that overall satisfaction is high. Finding someone with anything negative to say about the location is difficult.

Overland Park’s public schools are nothing short of exceptional. With 57 options to pick from, parents have every choice for their children from elementary school through middle school and beyond.

5. Olathe

One of Olathe’s most appealing aspects must be its educational system. With 73 public schools in the neighborhood, children growing up here get an excellent start in life. Olathe is a fantastic area to raise a family since it has two of Kansas’ top five schools.

Homes in Olathe are primarily detached and come with extensive gardens and evergreen trees to keep onlookers at bay.

6. Lawrence

Lawrence is about 45 minutes west of Kansas City and 30 minutes east of Topeka, the state capital. Massachusetts Street, dotted with locally owned stores, restaurants, music venues, and loads of history, was the most visited tourist destination in the state in 2018.

Lawrence Public Schools has neighborhood elementary schools located around the City. Lawrence and Douglas County have a place for you, no matter your style.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of lovely neighborhoods in Kansas state that are appropriate not only for faculty members but also for students and families. You have many options depending on the lifestyle that you want.

You can pick the place and location that is most comfortable for your daily activities. You can also use this article to choose the most suitable location for living in Kansas State.