K-State Foundation Chief Investment Officer, Lois Cox, to retire

(Photo Courtesy of Lois Cox)

Lois Cox said she is stepping down from her position as the Kansas State Foundation’s Senior Vice President for Investments and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) after 18 years in the position.

Cox, a 1988 graduate from the College of Business, said she worked at Kansas Farm Bureau in Manhattan before joining the K-State foundation in 2005.

“I actually did some consulting work for the foundation earlier in my career while I was still at Farm Bureau, and worked with the chief investment officer that was here at the time,” Cox said. “And so he and I developed a relationship and knew each other for a while before 2005 … when he decided to expand the investment department staff from just himself to two he recruited me over here … then he stayed on for a few more years before the transition happened when I became CIO.”

Cox said one of the most important things she has done at the Foundation is creating a student position.“We had student positions at Kansas Farm Bureau, and did not when I came here, and that was one of the first things I implemented,” Cox said. “I think as an employer in Manhattan, we have sort of an obligation to make sure that we make ourselves available for those experiences for our students. So, certainly I feel like that’s been something I’m very proud of.”

Cox said she plans to stay close to K-State after retiring.

“I plan on continuing my service on the finance advisory board and … iif the College of Business asks me to, I will be there to support the students in whatever way I can,” Cox said. “I don’t have a specific next yet, but there are a few things in the works so we’ll see where that lands, and certainly leave here with a lot of pride and, you know, just a feeling of accomplishment.”

Cox said she knows the role is in good hands with whoever takes the position next. There is a national search with RSR Partner to find a replacement for her role.

“The hope is that that person will be named prior to June 30 when I depart,” Cox said.

 Cox said she is ready for the next challenge and is exploring new opportunities.