Think Local: 2UW Ranch Apartments

2UW Ranch
(Photo courtesy of Mary Ubel)

Editor’s note: We missed spelled Ms. Ubel’s last name in the third-to-last paragraph in the print edition and the original online article. This error has been corrected, and we apologize to Ms. Ubel for the misspelling and any confusion the error may have caused.

Mary Ubel is a Kansas State University graduate, military veteran and owner of 2UW Brush Creek Ranch. The ranch’s existence for over 100 years is attributable to Ubel’s hard work and devotion to the ranch.

“I’m an entrepreneur,” Ubel said. “My dad was sick and died of heart failure. I had to figure something out to keep the ranch in the family.” 

The 2UW Ranch sprawls across 400 acres, and is just 15 minutes away from Manhattan and 10 minutes from Tuttle Creek. Apart from providing world-class horse and rider training with champion Joe Ammann, the ranch also offers safe private rooms and apartments.

There are a variety of living options available at the ranch, such as the lofts and private rooms. Lofts are not furnished but do have washers and dryers. Each loft has its own deck with a view of the valley below. Pets are allowed in the lofts at a monthly rate. 

“The lofts are set up for people who enjoy an exclusive, peaceful environment,” Ubel said. 

Rooms are private and available off the main lodge. The private rooms come furnished with baths and their own entrance. Each room offers a lake view and has its own refrigerator, microwave and kitchenette. Pets are not allowed in the rooms.

“The concept of the ranch is one of a kind,” Ubel said. “There’s nothing like this in the United States. We have a five-star service and I expect that and I expect to give it as well.”

The ranch offers fiber-optic high-speed internet and a private lake. The land is secure and is highly maintained. At the ranch, guests can enjoy a peaceful environment devoid of noisy neighbors, barking dogs or blaring sirens, and smoking is prohibited on the premises.

There are three private rooms available at the ranch. Background checks are required. Visit if you are interested in an available room.