Students host bake sale in Lilly Koehn’s honor

(Graphic courtesy of Alpha Chi Omega sorority)

Kansas State’s Bakery Science Club and Alpha Chi Omega are collaborating to hold a cookie sale in honor of Lillyan Koehn, freshman in bakery science and member of Alpha Chi, who died this past month.

The sale will take place on Monday from 6-9 p.m. at the Alpha Chi house; all proceeds from the sales will go to members of the Koehn family, who are raising money for scholarship funds in Lilly’s honor. 

“We’ll be baking and selling brown butter chocolate chip cookies, espresso toffee chocolate chip cookies, hot chocolate cookies and buckeye brownies,” Erin Martin said. “The prices aren’t official yet, but we’re thinking it’ll be roughly $3 for a two-pack and $10 for a dozen.”

Martin, senior in bakery science and the Bakery Science Club’s marketing manager, is working with Alpha Chi to coordinate the bake sale. She said the Bakery Science Club is donating its ingredients, equipment and time to help make the event happen. Any ingredients the Bakery Science Club didn’t have have been donated to the cause by the Alpha Chi Mom’s Club. The Bakery Science Club and Alpha Chi plan on baking at least two thousand cookies for the fundraiser the Sunday before the sale.

“I knew Lilly — Alpha Chi Omega and bakery science were two things Lilly loved and was proud to be involved in,” Martin said. “She had a way of making everyone feel loved and welcome, and even now she’s still bringing the organizations together.”

Jamie Cordes, vice president of philanthropy at Alpha Chi, said it was some of Lilly’s close friends who approached the sorority executive board with the fundraising idea. Owning a bakery was a dream of Lilly’s; the sorority now seeks to bring people together in Lilly’s honor through baking.

“Even though she’s gone, we can still connect with her through the things she was passionate about; we can still honor her by showing the impact she had here,” Cordes said.

Meredith Frahm, sophomore in hospitality management and one of Lilly’s closest friends, said Lilly’s passion for the things she loved was truly inspirational in addition to her caring, loving and compassionate lifestyle.

“We’d love it if everyone could donate, but we understand that it’s the end of the semester and not everyone can afford to buy cookies right now,” Cordes said. “So everyone is welcome to just come hang out, listen to some of her favorite music with us and honor her that way.”

Alpha Chi also plans to host a soccer competition in Lilly’s honor at the end of April as soccer was another passion of Lilly’s. Further information can be found in the future on the sorority’s social media.

“She’s important to us, and it means so much for us to be able to raise money for her family doing something that she loved,” Cordes said. “We are all so proud to call her our sister.”

Anyone who can’t attend the bake sale and is interested in donating can direct their payments to @jamie-cordes on Venmo.

Lilly’s family is creating a scholarship fund in Lilly’s honor for the Maize Career Academy. Donations to the fund can be made here.