Think Local: MHK Caravan trailers are perfect for graduation parties 

(Photo courtesy of MHK Caravan)

On Sept. 24, 2022, Tara Gieber, entrepreneurship instructor at Kansas State, and her husband Greg Gieber launched MHK Caravan. Within a week of launching their business, MHK Caravan was booked; the business has had great success ever since.

MHK Caravan provides unique and interactive event experiences through vintage trailer rentals. The company is located in Manhattan. Its caravans are perfect for graduation parties, private parties, weddings and corporate functions. Each caravan has a different theme and function.

Wanda the Whiskey Wagon: Vintage Camper Bar

Wanda is a 1965 Nomad travel trailer and a full-service bar. Wanda has a variety of beverages stocked, ranging from Busch Light to signature cocktails, offering the same selection found at any standard bar. Gieber said both mocktails and cocktails are available on tap, in addition to a frozen drink machine. Customers can choose between an open bar, host bar or cash bar.

Bella the Bougie Booth: Photo Booth

Bella is a 1954 Bellwood vintage camper photo booth that allows guests to step inside and take fun photos with family and friends. The booth prints 2×6 strips and offers unlimited prints. Photostrips are customizable. The photobooth itself is also customizable and portable. After the event is over, MHK Caravan will send the customer a digital file with all the pictures taken at the party.

Bessie the Big Bus: Party Bus

Bessie is MHK Caravan’s newest addition — a party bus. Bessie is a classic vintage school bus renovated to be an event venue on wheels. It offers a three-hour ride for the customer’s party. Each guest gets three drinks and music is played throughout the ride. Bessie has a capacity of 40 people and is planning to host themed pop-up events on the bus with live music, drinks and fun. Besie will also be available for private rentals perfect for Greek life, weddings and corporate functions.

Phoebe the Fab Phone: Audio Guest Book 

Guests have the option to leave personal messages on a rotary phone at each event. The messages are recorded and emailed to the customer at the end of the night, making it the perfect audio guest book for graduation parties or weddings.

“It is awesome to be able to have a company that brings fun and joy to people’s lives,” Gieber said. “To have something that brings smiles and happy faces … is one of my biggest reasons I love this business.”

To learn more about MHK Caravan, visit their website or call 785-320-0050.