Aggieville streets fully open for the first time since 2018

Aggieville streets open
On May 4, 2023, a day of celebrations, including a ribbon cutting and free gift cards, was held in Aggieville. The completion and redevelopment of every road up to Aggieville is officially open for the first time since 2018. (Avery Johnson | Collegian Media)

Construction in Aggieville has been steady for years, but Manhattan Communications Manager Andrew Lawson said for the first time since 2018, all roads in Aggieville are fully open for use. 

“There’s always been at least one entryway into Aggieville that had some kind of disruption,” Lawson said. “Right now you can come into Aggieville from any direction without major interference.”

Dennis Cook, Aggieville business director, said patrons will notice several changes in Aggieville now that construction has stopped.

“There’s much improved parking stalls,” Cook said. “There’s a dedicated bicycle lane that’s in the appropriate spot and it has flowers and benches. Now we have this great Aggieville arch that stretches over the road to give [Aggieville] a nice picturesque piece.”

Lawson said Aggieville has added space for foot traffic. 

“We’ve removed some of that on-street parking to allow for better flow,” Lawson said. “The sidewalks are clearly widened. There’s a lot more transit area for pedestrians and that’s important for when students are visiting.” 

Lawson said he hopes the opening of all entrances to Aggieville will help bring more patrons to businesses that suffered during the construction. 

“Aggieville is a community,” Lawson said. “It’s more than just a collection of businesses. There’s a feel to it. … We’re trying to accommodate these businesses. It’s not the Aggieville businesses’ fault things are messed up down there. They’re just trying to survive and hang on.”

London Beuscher, junior in interior design, said she works at Tanner’s Bar & Grill in Aggieville and noticed an influx of business since the streets opened up.

“Before, people weren’t really sure how to get down here, but with the roads open again I always see people coming down,” Beuscher said. “I worked last night and it was completely packed.” 

Lawson said construction in Aggieville is not finished, but is taking a pause for the time being. 

“The earliest we see [construction] disrupting things would be the late part of this year, and that’s even kind of questionable,” Lawson said. “There probably won’t be anything major until 2024, but, that said, things can change. … We know there’s a water line under [Moro Street] that needs attention and we’re kind of kicking that can down the road just a little further.” 

Lawson said the City of Manhattan hopes to improve communication about future construction projects in Aggieville to help alleviate the stress of residents and visitors.

“We’re working on a website,” Lawson said. “This is a collaboration between the city and the ABA [Aggieville Business Association]. We’re hoping basically to create a one-stop shop destination website for everything you need for Aggieville updates, so that as construction continues and projects start, it’ll always be up-to-date on there.”