Dynamics of real estate price growth in Costa Brava


Villas for sale in Costa Brava for expats is one of the best options for buying real estate in Spain. Costa Brava (translated as “Coast of the Brave”) is located near France, on the Mediterranean coast, province of Catalonia. Lovers of outdoor activities and travel will feel comfortable in Costa Brava. The proximity of France, the Pyrenees, and skiing in the winter months; hiking and cycling, and diving in the summer.

Description of Costa Brava

Investors are attracted by the developed infrastructure of the region, picturesque surroundings, and prices for houses and apartments above the average level. The length of the Costa Brava along the coast is more than 160 km. The relief of the coast consists of rocks and cliffs, which are interspersed with picturesque bays, with beaches of white sand and pebbles. In the south there are only beaches. The southern point of the coast is the town of Blanes; the northern (border of France) is the village of Portbow. 

The capital of the province of Girona, the most popular place among tourists is Floret de Mar. In the mountains overlooking the coast, the ruins of old castles have been preserved. A popular tourist destination is Mount Verdera, on which the Benedictine Monastery of St. Nicholas is located. Petra from Rhodes. Costa Brava is the birthplace of Salvador Dali, there is a theater-museum of Salvador Dali in Figueres, a house-museum and a castle in Cadaques.


In 1998, the cities of Costa Brava signed the tourist and environmental charter Carta de Tossa. Purchase houses or apartments in this region are a choice in favor of high–quality real estate that meets European standards.


  1. Advantageous location, close to the best beaches of the country.
  2. Investment potential.
  3. Good liquidity in the market.
  4. Stable price growth. 

Housing can be rented out, get good dividends. The prices are high, but the project will pay off over time, and will bring a net profit. 

Price dynamics in Spain

The economic situation in the EU is not ideal, inflation is rising, and energy prices also are growing. There is the question: what is the real state of things against the background of crisis phenomena?

According to INE, at the beginning of 2023, inflation in Spain was about 6%, in July last year it reached a record 10.81%. For comparison, during the period 2010-2020, inflation is slightly more than 1%. The Bank of Spain has set a mark of 2% inflation in its plans, which is far from reality.

Spain’s budget deficit last year was estimated at 4.3% of GDP. In 2021, it was about 7%, in 2020 – 10.31%. The government of the country plans to reduce the budget deficit to 4% this year. This indicator will still exceed the level before the Covid-19 pandemic. Currently, the level of sales in real estate is slightly higher than last year: 2.61%. 

Buying houses and apartments in Costa Brava and taking into account inflationary processes when analyzing prices for apartments and houses. The well-known online portal Idealista conducted a review, and published data that makes you think. Over the past year, prices for apartments and houses have risen by an average of 5.04%. This indicator corresponds to the data of the Central Bank of Spain, according to its reports; housing has risen in price by 4.71%.

Expanding demand

Currently, the demand for real estate is growing. According to The Nationwide Instituto Nacional de Estadistica (INE), about 650 thousand objects were sold in 2022. Experts point to negative trends in the field of construction. The Ministry of Development of Spain has published a summary for the winter and spring months: the number of new apartments decreased by more than 20%. 

Thus, today we see the formation of a shortage of residential real estate in the soon. Such factors contribute to the price increase. The real estate market has a positive trend against the background of the general recovery of the Spanish economy (5.52%) in 2022. The pandemic is over, so the tourism sector, which is important for Spain, also has a positive trend. 

Feature of real estate in Costa Brava 

Real estate prices in Costa Brava are on average twice as high as in other regions. This is explained by the fact that due to the peculiarities of the landscape, it is not possible to build high-rise and multi-apartment residential complexes. Many land plots are under state protection, are nature reserves and park areas. 

The most expensive resort towns are Sagaro and Playa de Haro. The cheapest apartments can be purchased in the villages of Blanes, Floret de Mar and Rosas. According to economists’ forecasts, inflation will continue to affect purchasing power. The Bank of Spain raises interest rates, which will also affect the demand for houses and apartments in Costa Brava. 

Prices in 2023

Experts’ opinions on prices differ. Atlas Real Estate Analytics predicts a 0.9% drop in prices, while Bankinter believes that homes will be cheaper by as much as 3% in 2023. Many analysts predict a drop in the number of sales in Costa Brava. Property owners hope for an increase in prices and do not want to sell at low rates.

Some banks are confident that the number of transactions will decrease by 25% this year. Redpiso recommends that when the price is announced by the owner; adapts it to the current market indicators. Otherwise, the sale will take a long time. 


The real estate market in Spain shows positive dynamics in 2022 and 2023. Against the background of the development of crisis phenomena in the European Union countries, the increase in inflation, the growth in real estate has become stable again. Prices are rising, and this year the dynamics will be positive.

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