Myths about Bulgarian Brides that are Not True


The search for a worthy wife can be extremely difficult due to the variety of options available on the bride market. But the choice is also complicated because of the stereotypes that exist among different nationalities. There is no doubt that Bulgarian brides attract the attention of men because of their passion, sexuality, and unique charisma. At the same time, they are insanely beautiful, have a great sense of humor, and are very good cooks. The advantages of these women can talk for very long, but do they have disadvantages? It is quite difficult to answer this question because the disadvantages of Bulgarians are their undeniable advantages. It would be correct to say that these glorious women entrenched a lot of myths, which we will dispel in this article.

Bulgarian Brides: Popular Stereotypes 

The best bride to create a marriage is a woman friend who will always be there for you and will be able to support you in any situation. Experts of say that a Bulgarian wife will be able to become a real battle friend and like-minded woman for you, so it is definitely worth considering her for this role. If you still have doubts, we are ready to dispel all the most popular stereotypes about these women. 

Think about Bulgaria girls for marriage. What is the first thing that comes to mind? Probably something along the lines of Bulgarians is slow, rude, don’t know English, and are overweight. But the reality is just the opposite. Let’s list the most common stereotypes about Bulgarian women. 

Myth 1 – Bulgarians are feeble 

In reality, Bulgarians are very strong women who have gone through serious discrimination trials. They are women who know how to defend themselves and stand up for their own rights. In addition, they are very proud and have an incredible sense of dignity, which often prevents them from asking for help or financial support. However, Bulgarians are very fond of roses and would be pleased if you gave these flowers to them.

Myth 2 – Bulgarian and Romanian women have the same mentality 

This is also a false statement. Bulgarians are very offended if they are associated with Romanians. This myth appeared for nothing. After all, once upon a time, statesmen wanted to unite the two states. But they didn’t succeed. The only thing that unites these countries is a bit of similarity in their traditions. 

Myth 3 – They don’t speak English

Another stereotype that may confuse foreign grooms. It came about because older generations did not learn English. Instead, many of them know Russian or even German well. However, young people in Bulgaria are quite developed and speak excellent English. Bulgarian women are very active, they are interested in learning languages, and they travel a lot. Don’t even doubt that your Bulgarian bride will definitely speak English with you.

Myth 4 – Bulgarians come from a poor country

Sometimes Bulgarian brides are truly horrified when they hear questions from foreign suitors such as, “Do you have boutiques with brand name clothing in your country?” It is worth noting that Bulgaria is a member of the European Union. It may not be the richest state, but it is progressive enough, with its beautiful nature and impressive offers for summer and winter holidays. 

Myth 5 – Bulgarian brides are boring nerds 

Oh no, this statement even sounds ridiculous. You certainly won’t get bored with a Bulgarian woman. These women are very active, expressive, and energetic. They will pleasantly surprise you and sometimes even shock you. They will always find something to do alone or with a partner: dancing, bungee jumping, going to parties, traveling, and creativity.

Myth 6 – Bulgarians are slow and always late 

Not being in a hurry and being able to live here and now is a feature of the Bulgarian mentality. However, this does not mean that they are lazy and do not want to do anything. On the contrary, Bulgarians are very active and energetic, but not in a hurry. 

As for Bulgarians being late for a date, it can happen, but not systematically and not for a long amount of time. 

Myth 7 – Bulgarians are fixated on material things 

This stereotype is connected with the opinion that Bulgarians are interested only in well-to-do men because of the unstable financial situation in the country. Of course, any sensible woman, regardless of nationality, strives for a better life for herself and her children. However, it is a mistake to assume that Bulgarian mail-order brides are exclusively looking for sponsors or something similar. 

Myth 8 – Bulgarians are overweight

This stereotype is probably due to the fact that these women are very fond of meat, but they are always concerned about their figure and appearance. By the way, if you are considering a Bulgarian girl for marriage, tidy up your figure to fully match such a beauty. 

Myth 9 – Their families are crazy

Bulgarians are obsessed with family traditions, and for them, family is sacred. Know that if a Bulgarian is willing to introduce you to her family, she respects you, and you mean a lot to her. You won’t be bored in such a family because you will be drinking brandy with her father, dancing with her mother, and having heart-to-heart talks with her brother. They are very careful about their reputation and believe that it is foolish to ruin it because of some misunderstanding. 

Myth 10 – Bulgarians are rude 

This is probably the rudest stereotype of our top ten. For all their inner strength, energy, and charisma, they are very gentle and patient creatures. In order to get such a woman out of yourself, you should try very hard. Even if you succeed, her self-respect will not allow her to cause a scandal in front of others. They are very careful about their reputation and believe that it is foolish to spoil it because of some misunderstanding.

Who are the Bulgarians Really? 

Perhaps today, it is difficult to find the most suitable candidate for the role of a worthy life partner. Bulgarian brides for marriage are characterized by sincerity, patience, charisma, intelligence, sexuality, and passion. These women always strive for the best and therefore do not mind creating a strong marriage with a foreigner. It’s a great opportunity that you just can’t pass up! But be very careful and ask only for a proven marriage agency with a good reputation. 


Well, it’s time to sum up. In this article, we have discussed the most popular stereotypes and prejudices that affect Bulgarian women. We hope that now you will be even more in awe of these amazing and beautiful ladies. When choosing among Bulgarian brides online, trust your intuition and your heart. Don’t let fake information cause you to be disappointed in the beautiful brides who are worthy of your attention. Real Bulgarian brides for sale are only set up for a long-term relationship, and they are worthy of it.