Excessive heat warning in the Little Apple

(Graphic by Catherine Eldridge | Collegian Media Group)

The National Weather Service issued an excessive heat warning in Manhattan on Aug. 19 after temperatures exceeded 100 degrees for five consecutive days.

Daira Navarrete, senior in business and marketing, said the heat poses difficulties for students.

“Some of my classes are not in the same building, so making that uphill walk from the College of Business to Willard Hall is quite exhausting, specifically more in this heat,” Navarrete said. 

While Kansas State students are able to spend most of their time inside for classes, the K-State Facilities team is tasked with enduring the excessive heat throughout their workday. Landscape Services Superintendent Shad Hufnagel said as a result of the heat, precautions have been taken to ensure the safety of employees.

“We have allowed for earlier starting times to perform some of our more laborious work at cooler parts of the day,” Hufnagel said. “Also, we’ve encouraged our team to be mindful of their safety and take breaks, consume plenty of fluids and seek shade and cooler locations as needed.”

Vivienne Leyva, Riley County EMS public information officer, said the excessive heat can cause health issues.

“Riley County EMS has responded to six calls for heat-related emergencies so far during the heatwave,” Leyva said. 

Leyva said the public is taking the heat warning seriously and following safety advice. 

“The general guidance is to stay indoors in an air conditioned space as much as possible,” Leyva said. “If you do have to go outside, especially if you have to work or [you’re] planning any strenuous activity outdoors you should take breaks every 15 to 20 minutes. Also, either having a snack or drinking a sports drink to replenish not only that water but also salt, electrolytes and calories as well.” 

Students concerned about heat illness can call the non-emergency number for Lafene Health Center at 785-539-3535.