K-State reaffiliates with student organizations to foster better relationships  

Members of the Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils stand in front of Anderson Hall. IFC and PHC help create regulations for greek life at K-State. (Courtesy of Shayan Karimy)

As of Aug. 1, student organizations can reaffiliate with K-State and utilize university resources, Derek Jackson, associate vice president for student life, said.

“Our partnership with … student groups is to provide them support and guidance as well as trainings for student leadership development or event management,” Jackson said. 

Students with similar interests can form a student group and become affiliated by registering their organization through K-State, Jackson said.

“The university has skills, advantages and resources that can be … used to support students,” Jackson said. “Whether they want to meet in a classroom or use one of our event spaces on campus to host a lecture, an event or music experience, whatever they are interested in.”

Jackson said when students have a deeper involvement with K-State they perform better in the classroom.

“From a university standpoint, we benefit from having students be involved,” Jackson said. “We know that when students are involved, they have a deeper affiliation to the university. They’re more likely to retain year over year and to graduate.”

Dee Hawks, director of sorority and fraternity life, said being part of extracurriculars and student-led organizations can help teach students skills not taught in a classroom. 

“I think that general student involvement is pivotal to a student’s success post-graduation,” Hawks said. 

One of the biggest student-led organizations re-affiliating with K-State is Fraternity and Sorority Life. Shayan Karimy, president of interfraternity council, said access to university resources will create a more collaborative environment and help the community grow. 

“We’re going to continue to grow … and the goal really is to make greek life at K-State one of the best greek systems in the nation,” Karimy, senior in construction science and management, said. 

Hawks said one of the ways K-State is helping greek life is by introducing students to the community.

“We are really excited for the continued growth and … to be involved with admissions and orientation processes in order to show future Kansas State students the opportunity that they have within fraternity and sorority life,” Hawks said. 

Karimy said since re-affiliating with K-State, the number of potential new members participating in sorority recruitment increased because of the university assisting in greek life marketing efforts. 

“I know this year our sorority recruitment was up compared to other years by … about 100 PNMs,” Karimy said. “We’re having more people interested in greek life.” 

K-State provided FSL with a director, coordinator and plans to grow their office, Karimy said.

“I think with a better greek life, and a greek life that is instilling a culture of growth within their members, which I think K State does very well, then we’re going to be able to see a rise of more leaders, more involved alumni,” Karimy said. 

Jackson said there are mutual benefits for K-State and student-led organizations and hopes recruitment numbers will grow for both.

“It’s bigger than just greek life,” Jackson said. “Our university is in a partnership with a student organization that wants to be in a relationship with the university. I’m really excited about where we’ve been and … where we’re headed.”