Is chivalry dead or are we the generation of commitment issues?

(Graphic by Grace Needham & Catherine Eldridge | Collegian Media Group)

I would like to personally welcome all of Manhattan’s eligible ladies to my brand new column: “Meet Me in Manhattan.” To all the gents out there, don’t fret — this is filled with helpful tips for you, too.

Let’s talk about situationships, a term I’m sure college students are familiar with. This new relationship concept was founded on low maintenance, so you can keep the commitment low and the energy high. It’s perfect in theory, but flawed in execution. Could our generation’s commitment issues stem from being phone-oholics, or is chivalry really dead?

When it comes to being a twenty-something college girl, we think our best friends give foolproof advice, as if we aren’t the same age and going through the same experiences. Nonetheless, we find ourselves administering this advice during weekend recaps, over brunch and throughout shopping hauls. Oh, how I love girl world!

Where did gentlemen go? Do they exist? Do they still roam this earth? A short ‘here’ text to go sit in a musty frat basement for a few hours implies not. Trust me, no woman is seeking to be a part of your bromance or indulge in an indecisive, surface level situationship for your convenience. I imagine your mothers would have taught you better. 

I’m convinced the internet has altered men’s ability to speak to women in real life. The world of dating has been flipped upside down and older generations have the audacity to question why younger people aren’t dating. The game has not only changed, it has evolved in an unrecognizable way. It leaves me wondering why our generation collectively decided dating and being in a relationship are synonymous. They aren’t and never have been.

I’ll end with a few tips for the men out there. Own your masculinity and be yourself above all else! Be present but not overbearing; love bombing is an epidemic these days. Real first dates are a must. Seriously, plan a thoughtful outing! A late night Sonic run does not count as a first date. The last piece of advice I’ll leave you with is to be yourself. Women love authenticity and genuine connections, not an overload of testosterone and self-absorption. 

After all, a situationship is likely inevitable, so be young, be fun, live your best life and don’t be afraid to make the wrong decision. 

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