The fine line between high standards and unhealthy expectations

(Graphic by Grace Needham & Catherine Eldridge | Collegian Media Group)

Welcome back, ladies. There is much to discuss this week — from high standards to shared experiences. We have got to catch up!

As I was finishing up my nighttime skincare routine — solely influenced by TikTokers who claimed these products were life-changing — I wondered why we put such an absurd amount of time and effort into something as silly as a skincare routine but aren’t as quick to invest that much energy into choosing a partner. 

I strongly advocate for picky behavior when it comes to dating, but where do we draw the line between having high standards and unrealistic expectations? Certain standards need to be met, that’s not up for debate, but it might not be healthy to expect Channing Tatum to knock on your door, especially in college. Let’s be real.

You should take the time to date yourself before putting unrealistic expectations on someone else. Find out what you like, dislike, find funny and where you see your life heading. Discovering who you are will help you find your person much more easily.

I was once told love begins with finding your heart’s mirror image. How will you ever know what that image looks like if you don’t take the time to find yourself? Staying true to your authentic self is the ultimate achievement in the end. You may have to kiss a few frogs along the way, but your Prince Charming certainly exists. For now, live your life to the fullest and learn to enjoy the frogs. 

You know the saying “comparison is the thief of joy”? Well, it’s true! You are your worst critic. Be yourself in every aspect of life, even if it seems outlandish. I promise heads turn when you walk in a room for the right reason. You’re not having an outfit malfunction and you don’t have anything in your teeth. Being confident is the best accessory you can wear! On that note, here are a few of my favorite tips when going out.

“Look good, feel good” is my life mantra. Never leave the house with flat hair on a night out — that’s criminal! Picking the perfect ensemble is a must; a sassy pair of shoes truly ties an outfit together — and gives me life.  Getting ready with your girls is non-negotiable and can certainly be more fun than the event itself. Blaring loud music, shopping in each other’s closets and helping with hair and makeup is unmatched – as if I needed another reason to love being a woman. 

Remember, the boy you find that night is secondary to the girls you went out with. Be confident. The standards you have are your standards, not anyone else’s; never be afraid to make adjustments and do what is right for you. 

Stay fierce and always fabulous.