Underrated MHK study spots

(Graphic by Grace Needham | Collegian Media Group)

I am normally terrible at studying, and if you’re anything like me, you understand the struggle of constantly needing to try out a new space. Now in my junior year of college, I’ve collected a list of my favorite go-to study spots to help with focus. Plus, they are not as well known among Kansas Staters — well, until now!

Flight Crew

Flight Crew is a hidden gem in the downtown area of Manhattan. While popular with locals, many students have never graced its doorstep. This coffee shop offers both tables and more comfortable seating, depending on your preference. Normally on the quieter side, Flight Crew provides the perfect amount of noise to focus on your task at hand. For the coffee connoisseurs, the shop doesn’t charge for alternative milk. Overall, Flight Crew is ideal for students wanting to get off campus, avoid running into Joe from accounting class and grab an almond milk latte.

First Floor of the Union

While many students just pass through the Union, the space has plenty of areas for students to sit, study and snack. My favorites are the tables and seating on the first floor. It is significantly quieter than the main areas and is perfect if you have a shorter amount of time between classes. If you’re more of a social studier, the Union is the perfect spot to meet friends without being too crowded, like in the library. Plus, if you’re hunkering down for an essay or test, there are plenty of food options to keep you full. After all, what homework assignment isn’t easier to tackle with a pretzel in hand?

Leadership Studies

Close to the dorms, the Leadership Studies building is ideal for those living on campus or looking to eliminate distractions. With multiple seating areas on the second floor, there is plenty of room to spread out and zone in. The building isn’t often looked at as a spot to study, so there are usually few people upstairs. The outdoor areas are also ideal if you’re looking for a little fresh air. Plus, if you need a break, there is a Radina’s housed inside for a coffee or a snack.

Arrow Bodega

While the Arrow storefront by the Kramer complex is well known, the Arrow Bodega on Poyntz Avenue is much less popular with students. The swanky downtown business offers the same food and drinks as its sister store, but without as many students. If you want a good view while studying, the counter seating facing downtown is a great option. If you’re a fan of Arrow, this is the best way to stay focused while still getting some of the best coffee in Manhattan. Open for a shorter time period, this option is best for early birds, as the Bodega closes its doors at 2 p.m.

Engineering Hall

If you need as few distractions as possible, the Engineering Hall is the spot for you. The huge building has endless nooks and crannies that are perfect for getting to work. This is also the best option for night owls, as the building is normally hustling and bustling fully through the night. If you’re looking for a spot on campus where you can avoid the busyness of Hale but still be provided a quiet space, the Engineering Hall should be your new go-to.