Kitchen trends that will make a comeback in 2024


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Every new year brings new trends for shoppers to enjoy. But it‘s not just about clothing, footwear and accessories. Interior design also gets new trendy models that add to the functionality or aesthetics of your space. The kitchen is arguably the indoor area that sees the most innovation. There are always new appliances to get, as well as different designs to incorporate. However, if you’re thinking about starting a remodelling project, you must be careful with the choices you make.

You want the final result to be cohesive and for all the items to come together and create a beautiful ensemble. If you haven’t yet decided what you want to do with your kitchen and how exactly you’d like to change it for 2024, here are some ideas that might inspire you.



Minimalism stems from traditional Japanese philosophy and has existed since the 12th century. Art, pottery, household arrangements, and the performance of different tasks and rituals were already embraced by the Japanese at the time and incorporated into daily life. There’s a spiritual component to Japanese minimalism as well, emphasising the importance of mindfulness, being focused on the “here and now” and the beauty of simplicity.

Later, the Western world adopted the concept of minimalism around the 1960s and 70s, signifying the beginning of a breakaway from the layers of Abstract Expressionism. And although the aesthetic hasn’t been prevalent right from the start, it has experienced a massive resurgence over the past few years. Many see it as the surest, most straightforward way to live a more fulfilling life in which you’re not encumbered by your worldly possessions.

Naturally, minimalism has become a big part of interior design. You can get new kitchen doors that fit this look by opting for a clear, crisp design without unnecessary adornments and which follows a simple, neutral colour palette. This style will never go out of style, so if you’re not keen on constant remodelling, you can be sure that you can keep minimalist furniture around without the risk of it becoming unfashionable.

Dark tones

However, suppose you’re at the other end of the spectrum and prefer something bolder and more sophisticated. In that case, you should know that eye-catching shades and accents are increasingly popular among homeowners. Getting an all-black kitchen can seem very daring, and you must be mindful of the execution to avoid ending up with a space that feels smaller than it actually is.

However, nothing has quite the same impact as this design choice. If you have an open floor plan, you can balance the black furniture with something similar that’s placed on the opposing wall, such as a fireplace. It’s an effortless yet effective way to create an atmospheric design. You can incorporate marble, granite, wood or copper fixtures for the accents.

Cool countertops

The countertop is the quintessential kitchen area since it can be used for everything from meal preparation to relaxing activities such as reading or working. Many people describe the countertop as the most essential feature in their kitchen and the one they always keep in mind when proceeding with a remodelling plan.

You should decide what you want to do with your countertop from the beginning in order to avoid additional costs that might have you exceed your budget by a considerable margin. Engineered quartz will be one of the top trends for countertops and kitchen islands in 2024. The material is created by blending 90% ground quartz and a 10% mixture of different resins, pigments and polymers. The result is an incredibly resistant material that can withstand considerable scratching and staining without any real damage. It can also be used as flooring and is ideal for the kitchen, which traditionally sees a lot of movement.

Utility first

Speaking of kitchen islands, there’s also an increasing trend towards pragmatism and utilitarian usage in the kitchen. This trend is derived from the growing push towards minimalism, where all objects serve a clear purpose. The kitchen island of the following year will be more of a utility player rather than a simple aesthetic feature. This makes it the perfect addition to any kitchen since the area should ultimately serve a pragmatic purpose.

Some of the items you could use to customise your own kitchen island in order to give it new purposes are:

  • Towel racks
  • Rubbish bin pullouts
  • Drawers for pet food and space for extra seating
  • Spice racks or additional storage space for pots, pans and other kitchen utensils

Architectural lights

Lighting is crucial for the kitchen, and you need the right amount of it. Too much can be harsh and harm your eyes, while too little is a potential safety hazard during cooking. Pendant fixtures have been particularly popular over the past few years, and they remain one of the preferred designs that many would choose without hesitation. It’s simple, sleek and looks great in any environment.

However, the difference in 2024 comes from the architectural, sculpted spin on the classic look. Geometric shapes and arrangements bordered by angular features will add an extra layer of polished sophistication to the design. You can also work with various techniques for the pendants themselves, such as opting for arrangements reminiscent of natural elements like foliage or opting for the classic white marble in shapes that look like wide-rimmed bowls.


Getting different textures together in the same space adds character and creates a design that looks absolutely fantastic. Combine distinct surfaces and colours to get the desired effect. For example, you can have an accent wall in a completely different shade, but which completes the rest of the design. You can let the walls have a rougher texture as well, reminiscent of rustic décor and countryside cottage kitchens.

And, of course, adding a splashback can also help and even create the optical illusion of a roomier area, even for a smaller kitchen layout. Go for a mirrored one to get this effect since it reflects natural and artificial light. It is easy to install, and the versatile design lends itself well to any kitchen.

When looking for styles to add to your interior design, it’s important to decide based on your tastes. Nonetheless, with so many choices around, you might find it hard to settle on just one or two. Trends can help you make up your mind.