Soccer unsuccessful against Baylor in 2-0 shutout

Before the start of the second half, head coach Mike Dibbin discusses strategy with the team. The Wildcats fell to the Baylor Bears 2-0 on Oct. 1 at Buser Family Park. (Avery Johnson | Collegian Media Group)

K-State soccer allowed two goals in the first half against the Baylor Bears to go to a 2-8-3 record. 

The first half showed a lot of efficient ball movement from Baylor. The Bears racked up ten shots and kept the ball near the Wildcats’ goal for the majority of the half. 

Six minutes into the game, Baylor midfielder Hannah Boughton assisted defender Hannah Augustyn for a high left goal on K-State’s goalkeeper Murphy Sheaff. 

Toward the end of the half, Baylor midfielder Theresa McCullough scored another goal for Baylor assisted by forward Callie Conrad. 

A shot from K-State forward Kiran Singh was the bright spot of the Wildcats’ first half. She drove through multiple defenders and got the ball past Baylor’s goalie, but the ball was blocked by a defender.

Early in the second half, Sheaff gained two saves back-to-back, with three saves total in the game. 

The Wildcats played solid defense this half, not allowing the Bears to score for the rest of the game. A highlight-worthy play came from a shot attempt by forward Jo Sees 11 minutes into the half.

The Wildcats gained a boost of energy as the clock wound down. K-State had nineteen shots in the second half compared to its three in the first. Head coach Mike Dibbini said his team was a lot more aggressive at the end of the game but dug a hole too early in the beginning.

“We were a lot more brave, a lot more dangerous in the second half,” Dibbini said. “We took more chances, gambled a lot more, and created a lot more chances for us.”

The Wildcats stay home to face off against Houston at 7 p.m. Thursday.