The Myers-Briggs personalities as Halloween costumes

(Graphic by Grace Needham | Collegian Media Group)

Halloween is rapidly approaching, and many might be panicking trying to get a last-minute costume in order. Should you go as something topical, like Barbie, Ken or Oppenheimer? Or should you choose a classic, like a ghost, Frankenstein or Dracula? In the midst of this unnecessary stress, take time to look at costumes that express your personality in the best way. 

Using 16Personalities, you can take a test to find your specific Myers-Briggs personality type. These determine where you fall on the scale of four different traits: Extraversion-Introversion, Sensing-Intuition, Thinking-Feeling and Judging-Perceiving. The website creates four categories each personality type falls under: Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels or Explorers. Here are my Halloween costumes suggestions for each of you.

Analysts tend to be — well, analyzers. One might even call them hyper-analyzers, and thus must have excellent vision. This, in a sense, links Analysts to vampires, considering vampires are known to have great vision in the dark. Personally, I believe an analyst would look great as Dracula or in a throwback “Twilight” costume. If an Analyst wants a more topical costume, they should look no further than the aforementioned Oppenheimer, who was himself an Analyst, according to

Diplomats “prioritize being kind and generous,” according to 16Personalities. Of course, you could easily dress up as an actual diplomat, like the most instantly recognizable, Benjamin Franklin. If a Diplomat wants something more recent, no group represents the diplomatic way of life more than the “Na’vi” from the high box-office grossing “Avatar: The Way of Water.” These blue-skinned people care immensely for their fellow inhabitants of the planet Pandora. 

Sentinels tend to be logically-grounded people and are typically realists who enjoy their own company. This loner mentality can be found in many famous characters from TV shows. Walter White of the uber-popular “Breaking Bad” is a world-renowned loner character who is extremely goal-oriented. Another character who matches this description is Carmen Berzatto of “The Bear.

The final category is Explorers, who are adventurous and entertaining types. Many characters in popular media can be labeled as Explorers; if they take any action or are adventure movie protagonists, they will more than likely be in this category. Rambo, Indiana Jones and Ellen Ripley are great Explorer costume ideas. Two more modern examples of popular adventure movie characters are Barbie and Ken from “Barbie.” There’s no doubt both will be super popular costumes this year.

Obviously, a costume doesn’t have to be related to the person wearing it at all. In fact, some like to be somebody or something they aren’t for Halloween. However, it is always great to be yourself; these costume suggestions might help you do so.