Trick or Treat! Come on down to Linton’s suite!

K-State students pose for a photo with President and first lady Linton. On Oct. 31 students were welcomed to the President's Residence for trick-or-treating and a costume contest (Photo courtesy of Brett Engleman)

Editor’s note: Specified Sally Linton saying the quote in the third graf and lowercased first lady for stylebook consistency.

This Halloween there was a new door to knock on. The president’s residence turned on their porch light from 9-11 a.m. and 2-4 p.m. for students to celebrate Halloween with the Lintons. Alongside getting sweets, students could enter a costume contest; the two best-dressed trick-or-treaters won a $100 gift card to the campus bookstore. 

Unfortunately President Linton could not attend the whole event. Kansas State’s first lady Sally Linton and Brent Engleman, event coordinator, passed out sweet treats to every student who came up the steps.

“We are trying to have more interaction with students,” Sally Linton said. “I love meeting all of you and seeing all the different costumes.”

The Lintons had positive interactions with students. They plan to host more of these events so more students can meet the university’s leader. 

Approximately 30 students came by in a variety of spooky costumes; there were dinosaurs, witches, ducks, clowns and more that entered the campus-wide competition.

After conferring with President Linton, the winners were declared. Carter Seth, sophomore in business administration, won dressed as a duck and Heather Poyner, graduate student in entomology, won dressed as Lydia Deetz from “Beetlejuice.” 

“The competition was definitely tight,” Engleman said. “I couldn’t even pick a favorite.” 

Every student who attended received a treat of either a Varsity Halloween-themed donut in the morning or a full-sized candy bar in the afternoon.

“I had never been to the president’s residence and it was fun to get a donut in the morning,” Addison Foley, sophomore in geography, said. 

She said the environment was friendly and inviting.

“It was super cute; the first lady was so nice,” Foley said. 

She was not the only person to feel this way; others who went had only positive things to say about the not-so-spooky Halloween event — especially those who left with gift cards.