Thank you, next

(Graphic by Grace Needham & Catherine Eldridge | Collegian Media Group)

Welcome back ladies; we need to chat about ground rules for this Thanksgiving break. Everyone knows being back in your hometown for the holidays means running into old friends, foes and past relationships. 

Keep your cool and show off the new, matured version of yourself. Don’t be afraid to let loose and have fun. If you happen to encounter a hometown hottie or an old boyfriend, be yourself, even if you aren’t the same girl they used to know! 

Let’s be real — people change, as they should. It’s healthy to evolve into the most fabulous version of yourself, so keep that in mind when the “you’re so different” speeches start. Being authentic looks best in any situation.

If you find you are the only butterfly in a room full of caterpillars, then your answer becomes clear — you have flourished in your new setting. Don’t forget where you came from, because, after all, that’s what shaped who you are today.

On that note, be sure to spend time with your family and friends. It is the season for giving thanks, and you have plenty to be thankful for! Change your mindset from rushing through the holidays and getting back to your life to focusing on making memories.

It can be easy to fall back into old habits when you are looking your past straight in the eyes. Remember, when you see an ex-boyfriend, catch up on life but don’t reminisce too much. You might forget how hard you worked to become the amazing person you are today. Don’t let the glow of Christmas lights trick your mind into thinking that the guy you used to know is the one who got away. In the end, all that glitters isn’t gold. 

Don’t let the hometown caterpillars make you feel insecure by taking their opinions to heart. Be true to yourself and confident enough to know you are exactly where you need to be in life. Enjoy the break and be present.

Stay fierce and always fabulous!