Student devours whole rotisserie chicken

Chicken eater Cameron Miller and his roommate Trenton Herrmann passed out flyers in the days leading up to the event. A large group showed up, and many stuck it out to the end. (Photo courtesy of Cameron Miller)

A crowd eagerly gathered Wednesday afternoon at Bosco Student Plaza to witness an impossible feat. Armed with sweet tea, ketchup, a scented candle and a big appetite, Cameron Miller set out to consume an entire rotisserie chicken. 

Miller, senior in mechanical engineering, said the whole thing was a spur-of-the-moment idea kicked off by this week’s football matchup.

“Playing KU this week,” Miller said. “Gotta eat the bird to beat the bird. Other than that, it was just a Saturday morning idea that I didn’t think would happen, and it did.”

With his roommate Trenton Herrmann, senior in mechanical engineering, by his side to keep his cup of sweet tea full and his candle for ambiance lit, Miller ate at a slow but steady pace. Finishing with a time of 28 minutes, Miller didn’t seem to be aiming for the fastest time possible. Instead, he spent much of his time interacting with the lighthearted crowd.

After Miller asked the audience how many were skipping class to be there, roughly a quarter raised their hands.

Miller decided to forgo eating the skin, which some of the audience considered to be “kinda chicken to be honest.” 

The crowd speculated at the many opportunities completing this challenge could open up for Miller. 

The possibility of a Dillons sponsorship in Miller’s future chicken-eating career was floated, as that’s where Miller purchased all of his supplies, including the bird. Miller said the chicken cost $7.99. 

However, any endorsement hopes were shattered after Miller revealed he in fact obtained his “ambiance candle” from Walmart. 

Looking back on everything, Miller said he would have approached the challenge with an emptier stomach. 

“I had pre-lunch at 11 because I got a little hungry,” Miller said. “I would have finished faster if not.”

Miller is considering repeating the challenge for the basketball game against Kansas. 

“If that’s what the people want,” Miller said.

Editor’s note: Video has some explicit language. (Cole Bertelsen | Collegian Media Group)