Media bias must be clear to avoid skewed views of U.S. Big Business

America can only flourish again if its citizens accurately understand mass media bias and the underlying abuses of power that threaten our economy, environment...

LETTER: Welcome to campus from student body president and vice president

Student body president Penny and vice president Karamali are excited to share with you the areas of progress made as well as strategic goals moving forward.

From the President’s Desk

Jessica Van Ranken and Trenton Kennedy, student body president and vice president, update students on their progress toward their platform goals.

OPINION: Football’s future hanging in the balance of administration, coaching staff

After Friday's loss to an abysmal Texas team, it's clearly evident that the coaching and administration are failing the players on the team.

LETTER: A response to the controlling left, in light of the Christchurch attacks

Another mass shooting has occurred, this time in New Zealand, but the left should not use this as an opportunity to pass more gun control laws.

OPINION: Greta Thunberg should be taken seriously

Greta Thunberg should not be dismissed or scorned. She should be treated with dignity and intellectual integrity.

Slightly sarcastic horoscopes

Check out what the stars have in store for the rest of your week!

OPINION: Mike Pompeo’s philosophy on human rights should be taken seriously

The philosophy underpinning Mike Pompeo’s Landon Lecture, and especially his new Commission on Unalienable Rights, should not be offhandedly dismissed.

LETTER: Why Rupi Kaur is important — it’s not what you think

Rupi Kaur was recently named writer of the decade. Here's why.

Letter to President Myers on K-State diversity

Campus leaders from student organizations outline a list of steps Kansas State administration should take to increase the university's diversity.

OPINION: Hot dogs are not sandwiches

A new debate that's taken the world by storm asks if hot dogs should be considered sandwiches. Here's my take.

OPINION: Tattoos and piercings are a freedom of expression

It is an art form that should be more accepted.

Sorority recruitment: Trusting a process that isn’t perfect

A look at sorority recruitment from the inside.

REVIEW: Boscology 101 podcast has something for everyone, not just K-State students

Pat Bosco's podcast takes on the topic of leadership at school and in everyday life.

Sexually suggestive signs cause weekend uproar on social media

Online commenters denounced the signs as offensive and wildly inappropriate.

OPINION: Sexual assault still not talked about enough

When it comes to sexual assault, rape and sexual harassment, people seem to want to just stay quiet.

OPINION: Nintendo Switch is the best console for college students

College students have so many options to choose from for their video gaming needs, but is the Nintendo Switch really the best of them all?

Academic tenure outdated, puts students’ education at risk

Academic tenure is putting students at a disadvantage. While the benefits of tenure for professors are very real, the damages to the university and...

Affirmative action is fair, necessary to make up for opportunities lost to minorities

I think we can all agree that people deserve a chance to succeed. Regardless of race, gender, religion, national origin or any other...

From the President’s Desk

A letter from the student body president and vice president.