OP-ED: Why K-Staters should vote for Kobach

A senior in history says students should vote for Kobach. Here's why.

OPINION: My boredom made me realize ‘Shrek’ had a missed opportunity

With nothing better to do, you may begin to realize that a certain scene from "Shrek" falls short of the excellence and heart found in the rest of the movie.

The Semi-Daily Kaylie: I didn’t wear makeup for 48 hours

In Kaylie McLaughlin's new column, she describes her experience with giving up makeup for 48 hours.

OPINION: ‘Party culture’ is harmful, universities must do more to help

Universities aren't doing enough to stop students from binge drinking. What can be done to stop this?

How to survive a K-State football game

Watching a football game should be fun, so be prepared for sun and stadium policies.

Bullying affects people all over country, taking a stand is only option

Chances are high that by this time in our lives, we have either been bullies, victims of bullying, or bystanders to bullying. How widespread...

OPINION: Five reasons why baby goats are just the best (with pictures)

People who don't like baby goats haven't held a baby goat before.

Varney’s announces plans to close

The Manhattan mainstay says it will be closing its doors for good at the end of the month.

OPINION: Poverty is not normal

Poverty is relative and an endless cycle, but it doesn't have to be.

OPINION: Why Manhattan needs an Old Navy

Manhattan's retail scene leaves much to be desired, but an Old Navy may fill the gap in a way that would keep our bank accounts at ease.

OPINION: Don’t be selfish, follow the rules at Konza Prairie

It would be a shame to see the Konza closed off to the public due to being one of the few existing tallgrass prairie preserves in Kansas, the Konza is a proud symbol of Manhattan's and K-State's commitments to protecting our environment.

OPINION: Four things that make a house a home

The time to rent is now, so here are four things you can do to make your house a home.

Sweatshops violate human rights; American companies at fault

Within recent international events, there has been significant coverage about the conditions of factories in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and southern Asia. Some...

REVIEW: KSBN common read uncommonly offensive

A student's review of this year's KSBN common read, Mark Haddon's 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.'

OPINION: Top 5 worst ’90s fashion trends

Were the 1990s the worst decade for fashion trends? Yeah, probably.

REVIEW: ‘Five in a Tent’ brings back summer memories

In need of a return to summer, I turned to children's literature and was enthralled by Victoria Furman's "Five in a Tent."

No Context Required: Sept. 2018

Ever wondered what your fellow students are talking about when they think no one's listening? We've got the answers in our new series, No Context Required.

Poor and in love? Cheap Valentine’s Day gift ideas for everyone

Money may be in short supply, but love isn't. Here's how to showcase your feelings on Valentine's Day without breaking the bank.

OPINION: Successes, failures from President Biden’s first year

A recap of Joe Biden's first year in office — from his success to failures as President.

OPINION: Sexual assault still not talked about enough

When it comes to sexual assault, rape and sexual harassment, people seem to want to just stay quiet.