LETTER: A response to the controlling left, in light of the Christchurch attacks

Another mass shooting has occurred, this time in New Zealand, but the left should not use this as an opportunity to pass more gun control laws.

Slightly sarcastic horoscopes

Check out what the stars have in store for you this weekend!

Public option for insurance would increase competition

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson* are hard-working Americans who own a successful business. One day, Mrs. Johnson was using a box cutter and sliced her...

Renters insurance: where and how to start

Getting renters insurance can be complicated, but this information can help.

Fourum should be eliminated because it has no value for readers

It is both a sponge and an atomizer for stupidity, a clearinghouse of our garbage that has somehow managed to manufacture both its supply...

Moving K-State towards holistic mobility

K-Staters,We’ve made it to March! The weather might not be much warmer yet, but spring break is right around the corner and summer is...

OPINION: Words of wisdom to underclassmen from graduating senior

A K-State senior talks about how freshmen can better prepare themselves for the rest of their college experience.

Flint Hills not an indoor activity

The purpose of the Flint Hills Discovery Center is to attract educational tourism to Manhattan, just like a new fine arts center should attract...

Weekly Horoscopes 1-25-10

Aries March 21 - April 19 Please refrain from punching students from the College of Agriculture; though they resemble Oklahoma State Cowboys, they are...

USD 383 to vote on bond proposal for overcrowding, security issues

Citizens in the Manhattan-Ogden school district will vote on a nonpartisan $129,500,000 bond.

Beatles cheapen themselves with Rock Band

Yesterday, legions of loyal fans savored the opportunity to relive Beatlemania once again. Rabid followers will be able to hear a much-anticipated remastered version...

Healthy bodies have healthy pH levels

In the vast amount of health and diet information on the market, the importance of pH balance is often under-emphasized. While the public is...

Can money buy happiness?

Which weighs more in your mind?

Social networking causes drop in political IQs

Members of my generation have been told the same thing for years: we need to be more informed, especially about politics. We're all tired...

Where rubber meets the road: Street racing in Manhattan

While "Fast and Furious" might depict an underground world of street racing, most races in Manhattan take place at about 2 a.m., and the winner takes pocket change, not pink slips.

Manhattan should bring more artists into the Wareham

We, as the Collegian editorial staff, are very excited to see live music being performed in the Wareham Opera House once again.For too long...

Opinion: Current economy penalizes the poor and young

Income inequality the real reason our generation feels poor

Logan’s Run

By Erin Logan

Concealed carry scenario too ‘perfect’ for real life

The scenario that Danny Dennis presented in his Nov. 10 column "Concealed carry needed to increase campus safety," is persuasive. Of course, it's persuasive...

Drivers should have consideration for bicyclists

Having just managed a month-long project in Ethiopia, I found myself astonished at the self-centeredness reflected in Mr. Madden's editorial. In Ethiopia, the roads...