Going beyond the textbook: preparing college students from the nonacademic side of careers

There is a reason many people remember college as "the best years of your life." For four or so years, we escape from "real...

OPINION: 3 ways to keep it cool under finals week pressure

It doesn't have to be a stressful time.

OPINION: Social media provides new outlets for bullies

Students should be cognizant of what they post on the Internet

OPINION: College students should worry about Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos will be "very vigilant" of scam universities, but offers no real plan.

OPINION: Fraternité

Small gestures and brotherhood in the face of fear.

Opinion: An Education for All

The opportunity for an education is being taken for granted in the United States

Employer requests for Facebook passwords invasive, unfair

We've all heard it for years: watch what you put on Facebook, because it could affect your future. I used to ignore this advice;...

Holiday about giving thanks, not consumerism

The holiday season is fast-paced and can be filled with stress.Immediately after hanging up our Halloween costumes, the sound of Christmas music disperses over...

Public officials need to keep personal out of political

As the presidential election looms, things are heating up here in Kansas — but not in a good way. Just last week Manhattan's own...

Seditious conspiracy law a contradiction, calls to arrest officials senseless

Poetter condemns a recent call on MoveOn.org to arrest Republican leaders for sedition.

Anxious, restless spirit leads to friends’ ‘Project: do’ pact

"Edward's amazing..." Kellie said from across the aisle. We were on a bus from Chicago, returning home from a week-long "vacation." We were...

Manhattan airport to have a new leader of the sky

Jesse Romo will take over as the new airport director.

Classic gender roles should not dictate changing last names

I'm both impressed and amazed by the number of articles I've seen over the last few weeks about high school girls playing football. When...

OPINION: Brownback cuts are more trouble than they are worth

K-State suffers due to more education cuts

Save the economy: A comprehensive plan

As our economy is run into the ground, the American people are grasping at straws. As luck would have it, a solution has presented...

Amputee heroes can provide inspiration for all

All of my best life lessons have been learned from science fiction. The lesson I gleaned from "Back to the Future" — "If you...

Students should take stand against anti-Semitism, other horrible

In 1955, Fred Phelps headed the first service of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan. Since then, the church has become internationally famous...

K-State ideal for concealed carry

Editors:I agree with Chuck Fischer's statements about conceal and carry. Having been faced with an aggressor on campus who waved a gun in...

Student Selection: Give the gift of cooking this holiday season

Food and gift-giving go hand-in-hand on the way to anyone's heart.

University needs its band programs

Editor,    The SGA Privilege Fee Committee has voted unanimously to end funding for K-State Bands, including the marching and pep bands, symphony and concert...