Seth MacFarlane’s jokes at Oscars not offensive, brought important issues to light

If you caught the Academy Awards show on Feb. 24, then you saw Seth MacFarlane’s controversial hosting job. The legendary night was filled with...

Rabbits universally undervalued, unappreciated as pets

Many people argue that dogs are the best pets to own. They go on and on about how loyal dogs are and say that...

Art czar a bad idea

As you all have noticed, there's a new president in the White House. With new administrations come new policies, new directions and new positions....

Students support Seniors’ Center

Dear Editor,You know how good you feel when everything just works out? I had one of those feelings last week.Five K-State social work students...

OPINION: Tiny homes, big impacts

Why tiny houses are viable options for recent graduates

OP-ED: College used to be about personal growth. Now, it’s just career prep

Higher education used to be a way for students to expand their horizons, but all anyone seems to care about now is career prospects and job preparation.

Martin Luther King Day about action, not words

[Darrington Clark argues the progress versus halts that exist in the modern day path towards racial equality.]

Opinion: Sequels have it all and it’s all good

[Sequels prove that Hollywood benefits from multiple movies]

Spring break tips: A guide to ‘staycationing’ in Manhattan

While some prepare to leave town for spring break, others are planning on staying local. If you're staying in town, here are some things to do to enjoy your spring break.

OPINION: Why K-State volleyball games are the best sporting events to attend

Volleyball is an underrated fall sport, and here's why K-Staters should go see the volleyball team spike its competition.

OPINION: Wear masks when it makes sense, not when it doesn’t

The K-State Rec Center mandated that masks be worn at all times, including during cardio workouts and on the running track.

Broadband lobbyists working to limit consumer options

Parton argues why high-speed internet providers should not follow through with the law they're introducing that would halt cities from creating broadband infrastructure.

Sankofa Column: Oct. 27

Meet Mr. and Ms. BSU 2016, representatives of the organization.

OPINION: The top 5 hipster spots on campus

Want to study and get a good shot for Instagram at the same time? Look no further than this list.

Students who support local businesses help K-State, themselves

    On a Friday or Saturday afternoon, it's easy to spot students entering a local liquor store to prepare for a weekend of tailgating,...

Teachers should not penalize introverts who have trouble speaking up in class

In my leadership studies class, we were told that introverts are people who, after a stressful day, need to be alone to recuperate. Here's...

Logan’s Run – April 23 Comic

by Aaron Logan

Slightly sarcastic horoscopes

See into your future for the week of March 7-11.

Americans should pay more attention to politics

When a nation's political spectrum shifts as a result of open and honest dialogue, there are benefits to progress and prosperity. However, when a...

OPINION: Holiday Power Rankings

Where does your favorite holiday rank?