OP-ED: Why K-Staters should vote for Kobach

A senior in history says students should vote for Kobach. Here's why.

LETTER: We need to talk about land grants

In an article published in the Kansas State Collegian on March 24, new K-State president Richard Linton said he wants to keep K-State connected to its land-grant mission.

LETTER: A long list of reasons why Turning Point USA shouldn’t be at K-State

From scandals to SGA takeovers, Colin Goodman has a long list of reasons why Turning Point USA should not be given a platform at K-State.

Letter to the editor: Housing in MHK is not safe or affordable. Let’s change...

Jonathan Cole, student senator, says housing in Manhattan will not be safe or affordable until the city government effects change.

LETTER: A response to the controlling left, in light of the Christchurch attacks

Another mass shooting has occurred, this time in New Zealand, but the left should not use this as an opportunity to pass more gun control laws.

LETTER: Media perceptions of law enforcement can be incorrect, we should be careful

Mason Reaser reminds us to be careful about what we read because media bias can have harmful effects.

Letter from Auburn’s athletic director

Jay Jacobs thanks K-State fans for their hospitality

LETTER: Why rural students face unseen challenges in college

Noah Ochsner, freshman in agricultural communications and journalism, says rural students can be at a disadvantage coming into college.

Letter from K-State President Kirk Schulz

From K-State President Kirk Schulz

LETTER: McCain renovations prioritize donors over students, and that’s not right

Joshua Arnoldy, senior in applied music, speaks out against the planned McCain Auditorium renovations due to the poor state of student facilities.

Letter to the Editor: K-State family, some exclusions may apply

K-State family doesn't exist without mutual respect of each other.

Letter to the Editor: We need feminism

A student's call for an equality of feminism.

LETTER: ‘Drunk Texts from Aggieville’ glamorizes underage drinking and depression

Vanessa Fronce, 2017 K-State graduate, speaks out against a Collegian advertisement involving "drunk text" submissions.

LETTER: After this election, rules regarding SGA elections must be revised

Ryan Kelly, former student body presidential candidate, breaks the silence to end the rumors surrounding his disqualification from the race for student body president.

Letter to the Editor: Student’s response to professor’s anti-gun opinion

Student speaks on how the new gun policy benefits K-State and gun-free zones.

Letter to the Editor: Basketball team deserves better support

If we are truly a K-State family, let's make sure all our teams feel it.

Letter to the Editor: K-State ad on Grindr

Imagine my shock when up popped a full-screen ad for Kansas State Olathe while I was using the app "Grindr," a gay male sexual...

Letter to the Editor: A student’s voice on nudity and criticism

The Anatomy of Offense and unfair gendered criticism.

Letter to the editor: Proposed multicultural center receives well-deserved attention

K-State student appreciates coverage of Multicultural Student Center coverage.

Letter to the editor: The KSUnite rally won’t help in the long term

Evan Steckler, the event coordinator for the College Republicans at Kansas State, shares his doubts about the effects of the KSUnite rally.