LETTER: I’m a Republican, but K-Staters shouldn’t vote for Kobach

Noah Ochsner, freshman in agricultural communications, says Kris Kobach is a bad choice for state governor and he'd negatively impact K-State.

OP-ED: Why K-Staters should vote for Kobach

A senior in history says students should vote for Kobach. Here's why.

Letter: K-State would be nothing without Coach Snyder

Michelle Larson, K-State alumna, says Bill Snyder changed K-State's football program forever and the losing streak is nothing to worry about.

LETTER: ‘Drunk Texts from Aggieville’ glamorizes underage drinking and depression

Vanessa Fronce, 2017 K-State graduate, speaks out against a Collegian advertisement involving "drunk text" submissions.

LETTER: We need to talk about land grants

In an article published in the Kansas State Collegian on March 24, new K-State president Richard Linton said he wants to keep K-State connected to its land-grant mission.

Letter: Concern over cyclists on campus

Students should be informed about the rules of the cycling road.

LETTER: A long list of reasons why Turning Point USA shouldn’t be at K-State

From scandals to SGA takeovers, Colin Goodman has a long list of reasons why Turning Point USA should not be given a platform at K-State.

A letter from head football coach Bill Snyder

Bill Snyder, head football coach, wishes the student body well in this letter.

LETTER: Eliminating meat from your diet is not the solution to climate change

An animal sciences student offers up an alternative solution to cutting meat from your diet to help cut back on greenhouse gas emissions.

A message from head football coach Bill Snyder

Bill Snyder, head football coach, addresses the student body in this letter to the editor.

Letter from Auburn’s athletic director

Jay Jacobs thanks K-State fans for their hospitality

Accused K-State fan speaks out

Man identifying himself as the one who bumped Traylor writes in.

LETTER: Turning Point USA’s harmful rhetoric should not be welcome at K-State

Kayla Clark, senior in political science, says Turning Point USA's reputation directly clashes with K-State's values of diversity and inclusion.

LETTER: McCain renovations prioritize donors over students, and that’s not right

Joshua Arnoldy, senior in applied music, speaks out against the planned McCain Auditorium renovations due to the poor state of student facilities.

LETTER: New white nationalism not welcome in Manhattan

A word from Manhattan City Commissioner Aaron Estabrook.

Letter to the editor: KSUnite is the start of the conversation, not the end

Madeline Ames, president of the Young Democrats at K-State, responds to a letter about the KSUnite rally.

LETTER: Current election drama should not distract from SGA’s noble goals

Current SGA leaders want to remind students that, although flawed, SGA is still here to serve the students.

Letter to the Editor: K-State ad on Grindr

Imagine my shock when up popped a full-screen ad for Kansas State Olathe while I was using the app "Grindr," a gay male sexual...

Letter to the editor: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was callous to Middle East in Tuesday talk

Mary Abounabhan, senior in business management, addresses Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's comments about the Middle East in his recent talk at K-State.

LETTER: Voting in SGA elections is an important opportunity to change K-State

Hayley Spellman, student senator, encourages students to participate in campus politics and vote in the SGA elections.