LETTER: Welcome to campus from student body president and vice president

Student body president Penny and vice president Karamali are excited to share with you the areas of progress made as well as strategic goals moving forward.

LETTER: A response to the controlling left, in light of the Christchurch attacks

Another mass shooting has occurred, this time in New Zealand, but the left should not use this as an opportunity to pass more gun control laws.

LETTER: K-State should continue to strive for a fall break

Senior Natalie Wolf contends that adding a fall break should still be a priority, for the sake of the students.

LETTER: SGA has a lot of work to do to be inclusive to all...

Camila Segura Rivera, Graduate School student senator and a graduate student in architecture, shares her opinion on how to make Student Governing Association more inclusive.

LETTER: I’m a Republican, but K-Staters shouldn’t vote for Kobach

Noah Ochsner, freshman in agricultural communications, says Kris Kobach is a bad choice for state governor and he'd negatively impact K-State.

LETTER: Why rural students face unseen challenges in college

Noah Ochsner, freshman in agricultural communications and journalism, says rural students can be at a disadvantage coming into college.

LETTER: Media perceptions of law enforcement can be incorrect, we should be careful

Mason Reaser reminds us to be careful about what we read because media bias can have harmful effects.

Letter from Auburn’s athletic director

Jay Jacobs thanks K-State fans for their hospitality

Letter to the Editor: We need feminism

A student's call for an equality of feminism.

OP-ED: Why K-Staters should vote for Kobach

A senior in history says students should vote for Kobach. Here's why.

LETTER: A long list of reasons why Turning Point USA shouldn’t be at K-State

From scandals to SGA takeovers, Colin Goodman has a long list of reasons why Turning Point USA should not be given a platform at K-State.

Sexual references, innuendos offensive

I am extremely disappointed in the numerous sexual references appearing in some of the most recent editions of the Collegian. The most obvious appeared...

Letter to the editor: K-State in need of diversity

Alexandria Moran advocates for the creation of a diversity class for incoming freshmen.

Letter to the editor: Mold in Ford Hall is unacceptable, K-State must take action

Jonathan Cole, student senator, says mold in Ford Hall and other on-campus residences is unacceptable and K-State must serve its students better.

LETTER: Turning Point USA’s harmful rhetoric should not be welcome at K-State

Kayla Clark, senior in political science, says Turning Point USA's reputation directly clashes with K-State's values of diversity and inclusion.

Letter to the Editor: K-State should be doing more to solve housing injustice

"Instead of addressing the fundamental needs of students and underpaid staff on campus, we see administration costs increasing."

Accused K-State fan speaks out

Man identifying himself as the one who bumped Traylor writes in.

Letter from the student body president, Feb. 23

This letter from student body president Jack Ayres addresses state legislature work and reminds students to vote in SGA elections.

Letter from the student body president, Aug. 22

This letter from student body president Jordan Kiehl encourages students to get involved with SGA and have a good semester.

LETTER: A response to SAGA’s statement against Turning Point USA

Carmen Schober, Kansas State alumna, responds to SAGA's recent statement against the upcoming Turning Point USA event at K-State.