Letter from the student body president, Oct. 8

This letter from student body president Jordan Kiehl reminds students of upcoming events like KSUnite and useful campus services.

LETTER: A response to SAGA’s statement against Turning Point USA

Carmen Schober, Kansas State alumna, responds to SAGA's recent statement against the upcoming Turning Point USA event at K-State.

Noel Schulz invites students

Dear K-State Campus:Kirk, Andrew and I would like to thank everyone on the K-State campus for the wonderful welcome we have received from the...

Brownback lets women down

Dear Editor:It would seem that in the fight against sexual violence, Sen. Sam Brownback is on the side of ... sexual violence?This last week...

Catholic church devoted to spiritual duty

Dear Editors:Beth Mendenhall's article regarding the Catholic Church's "indulgences" comes across more as mud flinging than as a necessary concern.Her claim is similar to...

Letter to the editor: ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ timely, relevant

News coverage makes protests accessible to outsiders

Vaccine misinformation

Dear Editors:I am quite sure you'll get a large response to Greg Scott's opinions on the H1N1 vaccines. But in case you don't, you...

Holiday requires responsibility

K-State Students, With this weekend being Fake Patty's Day, I want to encourage you to use common sense, be respectful and understand your rights and...

Open marriages can work without love lost

I'm writing in response to Jillian Aramowicz's Oct. 28 article about how marriages have become too casual. I also have seen people from my...

Letter to the Editor

A reader writes in about Big 12 officials.

Letter from a graduate

Suderman reflects upon his time at K-State as a journalism student.

Mendenhall’s article shows topics need to be discussed

Dear Editor, Beth Mendenhall may not be able to comment on her own article, "A lobbying success story of milk," but she has commented on...

Letters to the Editor 12-10-10

Leggings are practical, fashionable piece of clothing This is in response to Sara Gudde's "Results May Vary" column about leggings. I have seen people wear...

Protest overshadows lecture

Editor, I was quite pleased with Kathleen Sibelius' fine Landon Lecture last week. When allowed to describe the new health care plan at length, she...

Letter to the Editor: Citizens have responsibility to give back

Editor,This past year, the weather has challenged many of us in Riley County and the region. Ice storms and tornados have tested us in...

Time for community to give to United Way for its support in our

Editor,    This past year, the weather has challenged many of us in Riley County and the region. Ice storms and tornadoes have tested us...

Letter to the Editor: gameday edition

A longtime fan and K-State graduate writes in about Coach Bill Snyder.

Students must learn how to budget

I appreciated the June 15 opinion column written by Jillian Aramowicz. It certainly touched a part of my personal concern about what is occurring...

Letter to the editor: K-State needs to respond to anti-Semitic vandalism

Dr. Micaela Wexler, a professor at the KU Medical Center, expresses her concern that the K-State administration isn't doing enough to combat anti-Semitism.

John Currie wishes students best of luck on finals

John Currie wishes students well during finals.