John Currie wishes students best of luck on finals

John Currie wishes students well during finals.

Collegian April Fools’ articles misleading, tasteless

The April Fools' Day Edition of the Kansas State Collegian was very inappropriate. It was very misleading for those of us who quickly scan...

Mendenhall’s criticism unwarranted

Editor,This letter is in response to the Collegian's decision to post letters to the editor written by readers whose rebuttals completely miss the point...

Health care act would benefit US

Obama is right about passing health care. By bending the cost curve, it will get our fiscal house in order. The U.S. Senate probably...

Letter to the editor: Students should choose professors wisely

Alex Fees, graduate assistant in human nutrition, explains the importance of selecting good professors for your classes.

LETTER: McCain renovations prioritize donors over students, and that’s not right

Joshua Arnoldy, senior in applied music, speaks out against the planned McCain Auditorium renovations due to the poor state of student facilities.

LETTER: A response to the controlling left, in light of the Christchurch attacks

Another mass shooting has occurred, this time in New Zealand, but the left should not use this as an opportunity to pass more gun control laws.

Letter to the editor: Upcoming climate change lecture

President Kirk Schulz gives a heads up about an important upcoming lecture.

Letter to the editor: Decisions about guns on campus should be individual ones

Evan Steckler, event coordinator for the College Republicans at Kansas State, says the decision to carry concealed weapons should be up to individual students.

No way to salvage Ecokat

Dear Editor, Mary Renee Shirk does not seem to appreciate the overwhelmingly negative tenor of the viral response to EcoKat. #ecokat did not trend on...

Letters to the Editor 12-10-10

Leggings are practical, fashionable piece of clothing This is in response to Sara Gudde's "Results May Vary" column about leggings. I have seen people wear...

Letter to the editor: Students need to take action during controversy, not K-State

Jane Chaffee, senior in advertising, argues the student body is responsible for creating a welcoming campus, not the K-State administration.

Blame should not be put on victims

Should you bring in your patio furniture each night? Should you bring your car into the living room at the end of each day?...

Letter from the student body president and vice president, Sept. 18

A letter from student body president Jack Ayres and vice president Olivia Baalman addressing recent events at K-State.

Manhattan Mercury site can help residents find justice in rental system

Editor,    Thank you for your coverage in Tuesday's Collegian of the issues surrounding inspections of rental properties in Manhattan.    As your story pointed out,...

Letter to the editor: Professors are rated by students and colleagues

Kinesiology professor David Poole compares the criteria for rating professors used by their colleagues and students.

LETTER: Voting in SGA elections is an important opportunity to change K-State

Hayley Spellman, student senator, encourages students to participate in campus politics and vote in the SGA elections.

Mendenhall’s charity advice does not make economic sense

On any given day, I enjoy reading Beth Mendenhall's opinion columns. Not because we are ever on the same page, but because I'm always...

Letter from the student body president, Oct. 8

This letter from student body president Jordan Kiehl reminds students of upcoming events like KSUnite and useful campus services.

Letter to the editor: Questioning the leadership of K-State Athletics

A graduate of K-State writes that he has little confidence in athletic director John Currie and President Richard Myers to hire successful coaches.