Letter to the Editor

Dear editor:You have probably come across at least one person wearing a T-shirt bearing the words "K-State Proud." Yet in the past two years,...

Letter to editor: American Ethnic Studies growing, not diminishing

I want to thank members of the Black Student Union for their guest editorial, “K-State has long way to go to meet 2025 goal...

Letter from K-State President Kirk Schulz

From K-State President Kirk Schulz

Letter to the editor: Students need to take action during controversy, not K-State

Jane Chaffee, senior in advertising, argues the student body is responsible for creating a welcoming campus, not the K-State administration.

Letter to the Editor: Collegian article provides refreshing take on racism

Student shares her message for tolerance and compassion.

LETTER: A response to SAGA’s statement against Turning Point USA

Carmen Schober, Kansas State alumna, responds to SAGA's recent statement against the upcoming Turning Point USA event at K-State.

Marijuana should remain illegal

Editors:I have been reading the writings of Beth Mendenhall this semester and have begun to wonder whether she actually believes the things she writes...

Letter to the editor: Sen. Moran deserves thanks from K-Staters

Several student senators say Sen. Moran deserves thanks from K-State students for his Landon Lecture appearance.

Pig treatment justified

Editor,I am disappointed on the writing about vegetarians and how anti-agriculture it was presented. I would have liked to hear the other side of...

Letter: Choma a good choice for interim assistant dean for diversity

I wanted to commend the Collegian for Ariel Crockett's article about the new, interim assistant dean for diversity, recruitment and retention for the College...

Snyder shares words of wisdom for finals week

Bill Snyder wishes students well on exams

Letter to the editor: Upcoming climate change lecture

President Kirk Schulz gives a heads up about an important upcoming lecture.

Letter in Response to Paul Ibbetson’s “Environmental Caustions Costly for American people, economy.”

It is not only frustrating but also embarrassing as members of the K-State community when articles like Paul Ibbetson's latest in the Collegian, "Environmental...

Welcome back from Professor Wesch

When I started at K-State as a student 19 years ago, I was struggling with those prickly questions that perhaps all young people must...

K-State not changing class for game

Dear faculty, staff and students: This year, our football schedule includes a Thursday night game on Oct. 7, when the Wildcats host the Nebraska Cornhuskers...

Gov. praises K-State

To the K-State Collegian,Recently I delivered a speech to the Kansas Board of Regents, challenging our state's higher education institutions to set higher goals...

Youth live up to voting expectations, have one of best election turnouts

Tuesday's election presented itself as an opportunity, not just to choose a new president or senator, but for first-time and young voters. Young people...

Letter to the editor: Don’t further regulate the Second Amendment

Evan Steckler, the event coordinator for College Republicans at Kansas State, responds to a recent opinion piece about gun control.

Losing marching band would be loss to university

Editor,I have been a member of many great organizations throughout high school and college. The one that trumps them all though, is the Kansas...