LETTER: Celebrating the love of learning when resources are scarce

Students showcase the love of learning and devotion to knowledge through undergraduate research projects.

LETTER: Fee increases in College of Engineering are slap in face to students

Jonathan Cole, student senator for the College of Engineering, speaks out against the dean’s proposal to raise course fees.

LETTER: Voting in SGA elections is an important opportunity to change K-State

Hayley Spellman, student senator, encourages students to participate in campus politics and vote in the SGA elections.

LETTER: ‘Drunk Texts from Aggieville’ glamorizes underage drinking and depression

Vanessa Fronce, 2017 K-State graduate, speaks out against a Collegian advertisement involving "drunk text" submissions.

LETTER: What it was like to see Nichols Hall burn down 50 years ago

David Kromm, retired professor of geography at K-State, says the Nichols Hall fire was an unforgettable experience.

Letter from the student body president, Nov. 15

Jordan Kiehl and Lacy Pitts remind students to take advantage of the Counseling Services and apply for SGA Attorney General.

Letter: K-State would be nothing without Coach Snyder

Michelle Larson, K-State alumna, says Bill Snyder changed K-State's football program forever and the losing streak is nothing to worry about.

Letter to the editor: Mold in Ford Hall is unacceptable, K-State must take action

Jonathan Cole, student senator, says mold in Ford Hall and other on-campus residences is unacceptable and K-State must serve its students better.

OP-ED: Why K-Staters should vote for Kobach

A senior in history says students should vote for Kobach. Here's why.

Letter: October fire alarm a haply disturbance

Gavin Colton, graduate student in English, shares a prose piece about experiencing a fire alarm in the K-State Student Union

LETTER: I’m a Republican, but K-Staters shouldn’t vote for Kobach

Noah Ochsner, freshman in agricultural communications, says Kris Kobach is a bad choice for state governor and he'd negatively impact K-State.

Letter to the editor: Housing in MHK is not safe or affordable. Let’s change...

Jonathan Cole, student senator, says housing in Manhattan will not be safe or affordable until the city government effects change.

Letter to the editor: Protect immigrant families by opposing changes to SNAP

Several student senators call for public opposition to new laws that would hurt immigrant families receiving anti-poverty assistance.

Letter from the student body president, Oct. 8

This letter from student body president Jordan Kiehl reminds students of upcoming events like KSUnite and useful campus services.

Letter to the editor: Sen. Moran deserves thanks from K-Staters

Several student senators say Sen. Moran deserves thanks from K-State students for his Landon Lecture appearance.

Letter to the editor: Tailgating was a mess, students should clean up trash

Jon Ungerer, K-State alumni, said it's hard to enjoy a tailgate when students aren't taking care of their trash.

Letter from the student body president, Aug. 22

This letter from student body president Jordan Kiehl encourages students to get involved with SGA and have a good semester.

Letter to the editor: Students should only be charged fees for what they actually...

Landon Behr, freshman in milling science, says a student's privilege fees should only be charged if they actually utilize those privileges.

Letter to the editor: Public TEVALs would make for more informed enrollment decisions

Siba Khojah, senior in political science, says teacher evaluations should be public so students can make informed decisions when they enroll.

Letter to the editor: Lobbying groups, NRA should be banned from making political contributions

Julie Eklund, K-State alumna, says the only way to stop the NRA is to ban all lobbying groups from making political contributions.