Letter to the Editor: BYU should not be allowed to join the Big 12...

K-State student shares reasons BYU doesn't deserve to be in the Big 12 Conference.

Letter to the editor: K-State lacks sportsmanship compared to other schools

William de Noble, sophomore in open option, shares his experiences in Arkansas to demonstrate how disrespectful K-State sports fans can be.

LETTER: Eliminating meat from your diet is not the solution to climate change

An animal sciences student offers up an alternative solution to cutting meat from your diet to help cut back on greenhouse gas emissions.

Letter to the editor: Calls for more gun control are based on misguided claims,...

Benjamin Ristow, a member of the College Republicans at K-State, says the push for more gun control is based on misconceptions.

LETTER: A response to SAGA’s statement against Turning Point USA

Carmen Schober, Kansas State alumna, responds to SAGA's recent statement against the upcoming Turning Point USA event at K-State.

Letter to the Editor: Student’s response to professor’s anti-gun opinion

Student speaks on how the new gun policy benefits K-State and gun-free zones.

LETTER: I’m a Republican, but K-Staters shouldn’t vote for Kobach

Noah Ochsner, freshman in agricultural communications, says Kris Kobach is a bad choice for state governor and he'd negatively impact K-State.

LETTER: ‘Drunk Texts from Aggieville’ glamorizes underage drinking and depression

Vanessa Fronce, 2017 K-State graduate, speaks out against a Collegian advertisement involving "drunk text" submissions.

Letter from K-State President Kirk Schulz

Welcome to fall from Kirk Schulz

Letter to the editor: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was callous to Middle East in Tuesday talk

Mary Abounabhan, senior in business management, addresses Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's comments about the Middle East in his recent talk at K-State.

Letter from Coach Snyder

A warm reminder from Coach Bill Snyder.

Letter to the editor: The KSUnite rally won’t help in the long term

Evan Steckler, the event coordinator for the College Republicans at Kansas State, shares his doubts about the effects of the KSUnite rally.

LETTER: Turning Point USA’s harmful rhetoric should not be welcome at K-State

Kayla Clark, senior in political science, says Turning Point USA's reputation directly clashes with K-State's values of diversity and inclusion.

Letter to the Editor: We need feminism

A student's call for an equality of feminism.

Letter to the editor: Mustang club advertisement

A reader objects to a Collegian advertisement.

K-State fan bumps Jamari Traylor after Monday’s game

Frenzy after crowd rushes court

LETTER: After this election, rules regarding SGA elections must be revised

Ryan Kelly, former student body presidential candidate, breaks the silence to end the rumors surrounding his disqualification from the race for student body president.

Letter from President Schulz

Be safe and make your K-State family proud this weekend

LETTER: Why rural students face unseen challenges in college

Noah Ochsner, freshman in agricultural communications and journalism, says rural students can be at a disadvantage coming into college.

LETTER: Fee increases in College of Engineering are slap in face to students

Jonathan Cole, student senator for the College of Engineering, speaks out against the dean’s proposal to raise course fees.