LETTER: Current election drama should not distract from SGA’s noble goals

Current SGA leaders want to remind students that, although flawed, SGA is still here to serve the students.

LETTER: Turning Point USA’s harmful rhetoric should not be welcome at K-State

Kayla Clark, senior in political science, says Turning Point USA's reputation directly clashes with K-State's values of diversity and inclusion.

LETTER: A response to SAGA’s statement against Turning Point USA

Carmen Schober, Kansas State alumna, responds to SAGA's recent statement against the upcoming Turning Point USA event at K-State.

Accused K-State fan speaks out

Man identifying himself as the one who bumped Traylor writes in.

Racism alive in media: a student’s narrative

By Raychel GadsonI am graduating Magna Cum Laude from K-State this May with a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications. I am a member...

Letter to the Editor: Collegian article provides refreshing take on racism

Student shares her message for tolerance and compassion.

Letter from the president: Myers welcomes back students

[President Richard Myers welcomes K-Staters back to campus for the Fall 2017 semester.]

A message from head football coach Bill Snyder

Bill Snyder, head football coach, addresses the student body in this letter to the editor.

Letter to the editor: KSUnite is the start of the conversation, not the end

Madeline Ames, president of the Young Democrats at K-State, responds to a letter about the KSUnite rally.

Letter to the editor: Public TEVALs would make for more informed enrollment decisions

Siba Khojah, senior in political science, says teacher evaluations should be public so students can make informed decisions when they enroll.

Letter to the editor: Housing in MHK is not safe or affordable. Let’s change...

Jonathan Cole, student senator, says housing in Manhattan will not be safe or affordable until the city government effects change.

Letter: October fire alarm a haply disturbance

Gavin Colton, graduate student in English, shares a prose piece about experiencing a fire alarm in the K-State Student Union

LETTER: Celebrating the love of learning when resources are scarce

Students showcase the love of learning and devotion to knowledge through undergraduate research projects.

LETTER: After Christchurch, standing up for each other should be our first reaction

In response to the Christchurch shooting, SGA members Ryan Kelly, Jansen Penny and Ali Karamali challenge the student body to be more inclusive.

LETTER: Media perceptions of law enforcement can be incorrect, we should be careful

Mason Reaser reminds us to be careful about what we read because media bias can have harmful effects.

Letter to the Editor: K-State should be doing more to solve housing injustice

"Instead of addressing the fundamental needs of students and underpaid staff on campus, we see administration costs increasing."

LETTER: Welcome to campus from student body president and vice president

Student body president Penny and vice president Karamali are excited to share with you the areas of progress made as well as strategic goals moving forward.

LETTER: New white nationalism not welcome in Manhattan

A word from Manhattan City Commissioner Aaron Estabrook.

Letter to the editor: Upcoming climate change lecture

President Kirk Schulz gives a heads up about an important upcoming lecture.