Letter to the editor: Crowd’s chant at KU game ‘classless’

Students:As a proud K-State alum, I am joyed to see the large and rowdy turnouts at our sporting events and the way the current...

Letter to Editor: Peace Corps has addressed concerns about volunteers’ safety

To the editor:I’m writing in response to the opinion piece “Students should err on side of caution when traveling abroad,” written by Ian Huyett....

Letter to the editor: Collegian article highlights inclusivity

Student addresses the need for inclusiveness

Letter to the Editor: Basketball team deserves better support

If we are truly a K-State family, let's make sure all our teams feel it.

Letter to the Editor: Open House ruined by Collegian profanity

I am writing this to inform all of you that you have a picture on the front page of Friday's paper has the F-bomb...

Secular aspect traditionally celebrated during holidays

Dear Editor:I would refer columnist Chuck Fischer to a volume titled "The World Encyclopedia of Christmas," written by Gerry Bowler. This extremely comprehensive work...

Letter to the Editor: Concealed carry

Distinguished professor writes a letter to the editor against concealed carry.

Letter to Editor: Clarification on speech at Take Back the Night

To the editor:I thought the Kansas State University community might like to know what I actually said at the April 4 "Take Back the...

‘Violent’ games should still be allowed on campus

Dear Editor,A recent article on March 11 entitled "Games considered violent banned on campus" appeared in the K-State Collegian. While that article did a...

OP-ED: Why K-Staters should vote for Kobach

A senior in history says students should vote for Kobach. Here's why.

Hunters are conservationists

Editors, As a hunter and a wildlife biology grad student, I found Beth Mendenhall's March 8 column, "Reasons for hunting not justified," not only offensive,...

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: BSU peaceful demonstration leads to racist remarks via social media

Melanie Horton, assistant to the dean in the College of Business Administration, reflects on comments made at the Black Student Union's Ferguson-related protest last December

Letter from the student body president and vice president, Oct. 9

A letter from student body president Jack Ayres and vice president Olivia Baalman discussing lessons learned from a recent trip to the Big 12 Conference in Texas.

Letter to the editor: Manhattan city commission, school board elections

A student speaks out about upcoming local elections.

Letter from the student body president, Oct. 8

This letter from student body president Jordan Kiehl reminds students of upcoming events like KSUnite and useful campus services.

Letter to the Editor: Sweep secrets under the rug

Dear Editor, It looks like our season of disappointment is spiraling further south, and not because of Curtis Kelly. If we want to be big-time, we're...

Letter from a graduate

Suderman reflects upon his time at K-State as a journalism student.

Sexually explicit lifestyle ad offends some Collegian readers

     I am profoundly disappointed in your decision to place an advertisement page promoting sex in one of last week's papers. "MAJOR IN SEX...

K-State fan bumps Jamari Traylor after Monday’s game

Frenzy after crowd rushes court

Students support Seniors’ Center

Dear Editor,You know how good you feel when everything just works out? I had one of those feelings last week.Five K-State social work students...