Letter to the Editor: Stolen flag has emotional value, return it!

An American flag that was flying on my front porch was stolen sometime Monday night or early Tuesday morning, May 2-3. That evening the police...

Stealing from rich, giving to poor does not work in practice

Dear Editor:The "Robin Hood" approach — take from the wealthy and give to the poor — is also known as bottom-up economics. At first...

Letter to the Editor: Civil Service Vote at K-State

Kansas State University classified employees are scheduled to take an important vote Nov. 19-22 regarding leaving the state civil service system or keeping civil...

Letter to the editor: Housing in MHK is not safe or affordable. Let’s change...

Jonathan Cole, student senator, says housing in Manhattan will not be safe or affordable until the city government effects change.

LETTER: K-State should continue to strive for a fall break

Senior Natalie Wolf contends that adding a fall break should still be a priority, for the sake of the students.

Letter to the editor: Betsy DeVos will bring opportunity to education

Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos plans to mend the broken school system.

Beef is unhealthy, treatment of animals not “sexy”

Dear Editor, In response to Kayla Duskie's article "Beef offers protein, weight loss solutions" (16 Feb. 2011), I would like to point out that there...

K-State does not take sexual assault lightly

A letter from Dean Bosco and Student Body President Kays

Letter to the Editor: Chalk Wars

A student's reaction to the anti-Planned Parenthood chalk messages.

Letter from the student body president, Feb. 23

This letter from student body president Jack Ayres addresses state legislature work and reminds students to vote in SGA elections.

Majority rights stripped away by minority groups

I am fairly new to the realm of college and having my daily life coincide with openly gay persons. After graduating high school from...

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: BSU peaceful demonstration leads to racist remarks via social media

Melanie Horton, assistant to the dean in the College of Business Administration, reflects on comments made at the Black Student Union's Ferguson-related protest last December

Letter to the editor

The dangers of Confucius Institutes

Letter to the editor

Protester group attacked everyone, many did not engage

Coworker remembers friend

Editor,I just read about the death of Reggie McGowan and want to write a short tribute.     Since I worked with Housing and Dining...

Hunger exists locally, Breadbasket offers help

Editor,I read with interest Bobby Gomez's opinion column on Oct. 26 concerning negative stereotyping and our responsibility to those less fortunate among us. Gomez...

Accused K-State fan speaks out

Man identifying himself as the one who bumped Traylor writes in.

Letter to Editor: Bible does not support domestic violence

To the editor:Charlotte Graham’s article “Christian ideals can contribute to acceptance of domestic violence” raises the notion that because Christianity teaches love, humility and...

Letter to the editor: Collegian article highlights inclusivity

Student addresses the need for inclusiveness

Student remembers deceased fraternity member

Dear Editor:This weekend, Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity is sponsoring a philanthropy to honor Mo Meyer, a fraternity brother who tragically lost his life last...