LETTER: SGA has a lot of work to do to be inclusive to all...

Camila Segura Rivera, Graduate School student senator and a graduate student in architecture, shares her opinion on how to make Student Governing Association more inclusive.

Kansas Republican delegation votes against Kansas students

Dear Editor:Last week the U.S. House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to pass the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act. The Student Aid Act is...

Secular aspect traditionally celebrated during holidays

Dear Editor:I would refer columnist Chuck Fischer to a volume titled "The World Encyclopedia of Christmas," written by Gerry Bowler. This extremely comprehensive work...

‘Milk’ article uninformed, misleading

Dear Editor:Amusingly, I see that silly and uninformed opinions still appear in the Collegian. In that regard, not much has changed over the decades...

Letters to the Editor 12-10-10

Leggings are practical, fashionable piece of clothing This is in response to Sara Gudde's "Results May Vary" column about leggings. I have seen people wear...

Protest overshadows lecture

Editor, I was quite pleased with Kathleen Sibelius' fine Landon Lecture last week. When allowed to describe the new health care plan at length, she...

Letter to Editor: Manhattan should enact ‘911 Good Samaritan’ policy

To the editor:On March 31, The Collegian published an article titled “Drug prohibition laws aimless, defy common sense.” This article did an excellent job...

Letter to Editor: Bible does not support domestic violence

To the editor:Charlotte Graham’s article “Christian ideals can contribute to acceptance of domestic violence” raises the notion that because Christianity teaches love, humility and...

Letter: Gender stereotyping in gift guide works against STEM effort

Upon opening my copy of the Collegian today, I was happy to see a list of possible gift ideas; my fiance and I have...

Letter to the Editor: “We are more” urges deeper thought

Diversity issues at the forefront of students' minds

Provost Mason wishes students luck on their final exams

Dear Students, Congratulations on a terrific fall semester! I hope you enjoyed your classes and I wish you the very best on your upcoming...

Snyder shares words of wisdom for finals week

Bill Snyder wishes students well on exams

Letter from K-State President Kirk Schulz

From K-State President Kirk Schulz

Letter to the editor: Mustang club advertisement

A reader objects to a Collegian advertisement.

Letter to the Editor: The parking nightmare

A reader writes in about the effect of construction on campus parking.

Letter to the Editor: Silence on sexual violence

When dealing with these issues, active and far-reaching support is the key.

Letter to the Editor: K-state’s accessibility

Efforts of inclusion need to be implemented on campus.

Letter to the Editor: A response to “Diversity, Understanding now”

We must put thought into how to truly progress in societal issues.

Letter to the Editor: We need feminism

A student's call for an equality of feminism.