K-State fan bumps Jamari Traylor after Monday’s game

Frenzy after crowd rushes court

Stealing from rich, giving to poor does not work in practice

Dear Editor:The "Robin Hood" approach — take from the wealthy and give to the poor — is also known as bottom-up economics. At first...

Student praises article tackling tough subject

Dear Collegian, Thank you for publishing the essay "Christian Ideals Can Contribute to Acceptance of Domestic Violence" by Charlotte Graham and the accompanying illustration by...

We are the K-State family, all the time

A letter from Student Body President Reagan Kays

Letter to the Editor: The Nick Conley Scholarship

Manhattan Senior High School alumna gives information about a scholarship that was created in honor of a fellow classmate.

Government oversight is necessary

In an opinion column last Friday, Marshall Frey wrote about the need for civic responsibility in the United States. Yet the opinion he put...

LETTER: SGA didn’t have the evidence to vote against Turning Point USA funding

Joshua Arnoldy, speaker pro tempore of SGA, provides context for the controversial allocation to K-State's Turning Point USA chapter.

Letter to the editor: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was callous to Middle East in Tuesday talk

Mary Abounabhan, senior in business management, addresses Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's comments about the Middle East in his recent talk at K-State.

Letter to the Editor: K-State ad on Grindr

Imagine my shock when up popped a full-screen ad for Kansas State Olathe while I was using the app "Grindr," a gay male sexual...

Letter to the Editor: We need feminism

A student's call for an equality of feminism.

LETTER: A long list of reasons why Turning Point USA shouldn’t be at K-State

From scandals to SGA takeovers, Colin Goodman has a long list of reasons why Turning Point USA should not be given a platform at K-State.

Professor urges students to fight budget cuts

One good sign of the recent student vote to expand the K-State Union with added fees was its demonstration that students recognized the value...

Snyder shares words of wisdom for finals week

Bill Snyder wishes students well on exams

LETTER: Why rural students face unseen challenges in college

Noah Ochsner, freshman in agricultural communications and journalism, says rural students can be at a disadvantage coming into college.

Take Charge Challenge results pending, viewed as a success

Dear Editor, The Take Charge Challenge between Manhattan and Lawrence ended Friday. Though we won't know the official winner until the end of October, we...

LETTER: SGA has a lot of work to to to be inclusive to all...

Camila Segura Rivera, Graduate School student senator and a graduate student in architecture, shares her opinion on how to make Student Governing Association more inclusive.

Coach Snyder offers words of thanks

To the students of K-State: Thank you so very much for your loyal and caring support this past season. It means a great deal...

Letter to the editor

Protester group attacked everyone, many did not engage

LETTER: Media perceptions of law enforcement can be incorrect, we should be careful

Mason Reaser reminds us to be careful about what we read because media bias can have harmful effects.

Concealed carry on campus: one step closer to mines in front lawns

Dear Editor,I was not able to attend evening's lecture "Guns on Campus? The New Understanding of the Right to Bear Arms," so I...