Letter to the editor: The ‘KU chant’ is embarrassing for alumni, parents

1975 K-State graduate Tim Edwards explains why the vulgar KU chant can ruin a football game for alumni, parents and their children.

Letter to the editor: K-State lacks sportsmanship compared to other schools

William de Noble, sophomore in open option, shares his experiences in Arkansas to demonstrate how disrespectful K-State sports fans can be.

Letter from the student body president and vice president, Sept. 18

A letter from student body president Jack Ayres and vice president Olivia Baalman addressing recent events at K-State.

Letter to the editor: Professors are rated by students and colleagues

Kinesiology professor David Poole compares the criteria for rating professors used by their colleagues and students.

Letter to the editor: Students should choose professors wisely

Alex Fees, graduate assistant in human nutrition, explains the importance of selecting good professors for your classes.

Letter from the president: Myers welcomes back students

[President Richard Myers welcomes K-Staters back to campus for the Fall 2017 semester.]

Letter to the editor: Currie lacks leadership

A graduate of Kansas State writes that athletic director John Currie's resignation proves his lack of leadership.

Letter to the editor: K-State basketball is a dumpster fire

Dumpster fire or simply a train wreck, how best to describe the continuing collapse of K-State basketball?

Letter to the editor: Questioning the leadership of K-State Athletics

A graduate of K-State writes that he has little confidence in athletic director John Currie and President Richard Myers to hire successful coaches.

A letter from K-State head football coach Bill Snyder

After Snyder announced last week that he is fighting throat cancer, he addressed a young woman who prayed for him.

Letter to the editor: Betsy DeVos will bring opportunity to education

Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos plans to mend the broken school system.

Letter to the editor: Miss Black and Gold pageant coverage always positive

Student compliments the Collegian for coverage of Miss Black and Gold pageant article.

Letter to the editor: Proposed multicultural center receives well-deserved attention

K-State student appreciates coverage of Multicultural Student Center coverage.

Letter to the Editor: Collegian article provides refreshing take on racism

Student shares her message for tolerance and compassion.

Letter to the editor: Collegian article highlights inclusivity

Student addresses the need for inclusiveness

Letter to the Editor: K-State ad on Grindr

Imagine my shock when up popped a full-screen ad for Kansas State Olathe while I was using the app "Grindr," a gay male sexual...

Letter to the editor: Student group demands diversity action from university

The American Ethnic Studies Student Association writes in a letter to the editor a list of four diversity demands for Kansas State.

Letter to the Editor: Student’s response to professor’s anti-gun opinion

Student speaks on how the new gun policy benefits K-State and gun-free zones.

Letter to the Editor: K-State family, some exclusions may apply

K-State family doesn't exist without mutual respect of each other.

Letter to the Editor: BYU should not be allowed to join the Big 12...

K-State student shares reasons BYU doesn't deserve to be in the Big 12 Conference.