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Out of the four "Shrek" movies, it's hard to pick one ogre the other.

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K-State officials took their crusade for sportsmanship to new heights on Saturday.

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With nothing better to do, you may begin to realize that a certain scene from "Shrek" falls short of the excellence and heart found in the rest of the movie.

Sweatshops violate human rights; American companies at fault

Within recent international events, there has been significant coverage about the conditions of factories in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and southern Asia. Some...

Marilyn Monroe not a positive role model for today’s women

Monroe's life of drug abuse, submission, and unfaithfulness forgotten by women today.

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Being in a school band gives you life skills you didn't know you needed. Here are just a few.

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From the Battle of Seattle to the TPP, globalization is still an often-discussed topic.

Recent studies prove traditional gender roles bring greatest happiness

Rogers argues that due to recent studies, traditional gender roles bring about greatest happiness for both sexes, feminists should consider this before promoting equality in relationships.

Preteens sexualized by new bikini line; society, pop culture to blame

Model and socialite Elizabeth Hurley got into trouble last month because of a launch of a bikini line for preteens called "Fun." The protests...

Sweatshops benefit poor, provide employment; American humanitarianism does more harm than good

Sweatshops located in developing countries vastly benefit their employees and stimulate the host nation's economic growth. The popular trend to join the anti-sweatshop craze...

Stop assuming: looks define appearance, not race

Many people in this world automatically judge someone by the color of their skin. Some admit it while others keep it to themselves....

Affirmative action is fair, necessary to make up for opportunities lost to minorities

I think we can all agree that people deserve a chance to succeed. Regardless of race, gender, religion, national origin or any other...

OPINION: Tattoos and piercings are a freedom of expression

It is an art form that should be more accepted.

REVIEW: Raising Cane’s is everything you want, as long as you want chicken fingers

How does Raising Cane's rank on the pecking order of chicken restaurants?

Important world issues ignored by most Americans

By Matt DeCapo As politicians meet to debate key issues for the future, is there anything you wish was being talked about more? When you...

UGGs: expensive trend, animal cruelty or just plain UGG-ly?

Vlasic argues how UGG boots are not worth a person's money or use, because of the cruelty they require from sheep.

OPINION: School uniforms don’t solve problems – they create them

School uniforms don't create equality among students, they pick girls out to pick on them.

OPINION: Stampede moves to Topeka, Manhattan is as broke and sad as its college...

Country Stampede has yee'd its last haw in Manhattan, and it's a darn tootin' shame.

Black Student Union responds to campus racism

The BSU responds after racial slurs appear on social media sites regarding week long events held by the organization.

OPINION: The lack of K-State snow days is embarrassing and sad

K-State's snow day phobia is a bad look for the university — and it'll only get worse.