OP-ED: Why K-Staters should vote for Kobach

A senior in history says students should vote for Kobach. Here's why.

OPINION: 3 negative impacts of globalization on the United States

From the Battle of Seattle to the TPP, globalization is still an often-discussed topic.

OPINION: Expectations President Linton must meet during presidency

Collegian contributor Vedant Kulkarni shares his expectations of President Linton, who takes over as the new president of Kansas State on Feb. 14.

OPINION: Why Manhattan needs an Old Navy

Manhattan's retail scene leaves much to be desired, but an Old Navy may fill the gap in a way that would keep our bank accounts at ease.

OPINION: Tattoos and piercings are a freedom of expression

It is an art form that should be more accepted.

Bullying affects people all over country, taking a stand is only option

Chances are high that by this time in our lives, we have either been bullies, victims of bullying, or bystanders to bullying. How widespread...

Unchecked population growth strains resources, is major international issue

It's easy to forget that there are nearly 7 billion people living on our planet. Our own lives demand so much attention that...

Bikers beware and mind the signs

Biking is a smart alternative to driving, as long as you are smart about biking.

OPINION: KSU Administration needs to be better at fighting campus racism

An inadequate amount of attention was paid to the "Zoombombing" of KSUnite. Students still need consequences.

OPINION: Post-graduation without a paddle

The upriver battle after commencement.

Advice from a student for all students

Here are some helpful pieces of advice from a student for all students at K-State.

OPINION: Top 5 worst ’90s fashion trends

Were the 1990s the worst decade for fashion trends? Yeah, probably.

Sweatshops violate human rights; American companies at fault

Within recent international events, there has been significant coverage about the conditions of factories in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and southern Asia. Some...

Opinion: Grief does not easily separate into stages

The human experience of grief cannot be simplified into distinct phases

OPINION: Studying abroad is an adventure every student should choose

To make the most of your time in college, you should study abroad for the experience of a lifetime.

OPINION: Still need a book for class? Check the library.

Hale may have burned and there is a pandemic, but the library still gets books to students and does so safely.

Affirmative action is fair, necessary to make up for opportunities lost to minorities

I think we can all agree that people deserve a chance to succeed. Regardless of race, gender, religion, national origin or any other...

Banned Book Highlight: “Candide” by Voltaire

The banned book "Candide" uses historical context to tell a coming-of-age story that shows life is what you make of it.

OPINION: Tips for first year college students on establishing new connections, keeping old ones

Freshmen year brings challenges of homesickness, making new friends and creating an independent identity. Here are a few tips on making new friends and keeping the old ones, if you wish to.

OPINION: My boredom made me realize ‘Shrek’ had a missed opportunity

With nothing better to do, you may begin to realize that a certain scene from "Shrek" falls short of the excellence and heart found in the rest of the movie.