Sending the wrong signals through clothing easy

   We often hear about women getting frustrated that men are only interested in their bodies and not in who they are.     "He...

OPINION: Living intentionally after lockdown

The slowing of life during the pandemic could be a better way to function as a society.

Nate’s Notes: If Weber is done, don’t celebrate

Bruce Weber brought success and good basketball to Manhattan. Stop acting like he didn't.

OPINION: An end to springing forward and falling back

Daylight saving time has been a hot topic for years, and after the recent legislation passed by the Senate, we might be seeing the sun for longer.

OPINION: Speak your mind, don’t be afraid of trolls

Receiving hate and threats online might make you feel like you should stop using social media, and cause a lot of anxiety, depression or fear.

OPINION: GMOs are good for crop production, not harmful

Genetically modified organisms are becoming more common in farms and produce sections, and the benefits of GMOs outweigh the risks.

LETTER: We need to talk about land grants

In an article published in the Kansas State Collegian on March 24, new K-State president Richard Linton said he wants to keep K-State connected to its land-grant mission.

Marilyn Monroe not a positive role model for today’s women

Monroe's life of drug abuse, submission, and unfaithfulness forgotten by women today.

Recent studies prove traditional gender roles bring greatest happiness

Rogers argues that due to recent studies, traditional gender roles bring about greatest happiness for both sexes, feminists should consider this before promoting equality in relationships.

OPINION: Hot dogs are not sandwiches

A new debate that's taken the world by storm asks if hot dogs should be considered sandwiches. Here's my take.

Worst pickup lines

Statements that will ensure rejection

OPINION: Tang doesn’t just have to build a roster, he has to build a...

Collegian graphic design editor Marshall Sunner breaks down why he thinks Jerome Tang's job is going to be harder without loyalty from his fanbase.

Luke’s Locker: The rare, good quarterback controversy

The decision between Martinez and Howard — each has benefits, but only one can play.

Stop assuming: looks define appearance, not race

Many people in this world automatically judge someone by the color of their skin. Some admit it while others keep it to themselves....

OPINION: School uniforms don’t solve problems – they create them

School uniforms don't create equality among students, they pick girls out to pick on them.

OPINION: Poverty is not normal

Poverty is relative and an endless cycle, but it doesn't have to be.

OPINION: Transfer portal brings player success

From an athlete's perspective, the transfer portal knocks it out of the park.

OPINION: Airline prices soar

Philip Gayle, K-State economic professor and department head, said the pricing issue is the result of higher air travel demand.

OPINION: 3 negative impacts of globalization on the United States

From the Battle of Seattle to the TPP, globalization is still an often-discussed topic.

OPINION: Studying abroad is an adventure every student should choose

To make the most of your time in college, you should study abroad for the experience of a lifetime.