From the Presidents Desk: Feb. 9

In this letter from the student body president and vice president, Jessica Van Ranken and Trenton Kennedy discuss their advocacy at the state capital.

Party line views contradictory, illogical

U.S. politics is experiencing a crisis of consistency. Rather than divining their principles before determining the associated policy preferences, political parties are falling prey...

To the point: Local Red Cross blood drives vital to K-State students, Midwest

Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. On average, the human body contains about 10 pints of blood. It seems very apparent...

Student athletes need break from media criticism

Every week there are numerous columns and articles critiquing and discussing the latest performance of our university's athletes. It's a national pastime — the...

OPINION: Landon Lectures should be moved to different time

K-State's Landon Lecture Series hosts its events at 10:30 a.m., which is not an easy time to make for those with classes or work commitments.

OP-ED: Transgender biology, or why Trump doesn’t understand how sex works

A transgender graduate student in biology shares thoughts on Title IX discrimination

OPINION: What seniors are telling their freshman year self

Advice from the spring 2015 graduating class

Lawmakers should drop ‘hate crime’ term, base punishment on actions

This week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Matthew Shepard Act, and it moved to the Senate to do the same. If the...

Shoppers must be more rational during holidays

    The holidays can get the best of us.     There are those of us who came back from Thanksgiving with hangovers or similar...

OPINION: An end to springing forward and falling back

Daylight saving time has been a hot topic for years, and after the recent legislation passed by the Senate, we might be seeing the sun for longer.

Patriot Guard protects honor of fallen heros

"Freedom ain't free and the cost is high," said Erik Ahlen, sophomore in park management and conservation.Ahlen is a member of the Patriot Guard,...

Opinion: Trump’s executive order is unconstitutional

“When (Trump) first announced it, he said Muslim ban. He called me up, he said ‘put a commission together, show me the right way to do it legally,’” Rudy Giuliani said on Fox News.

LETTER: We need to talk about land grants

In an article published in the Kansas State Collegian on March 24, new K-State president Richard Linton said he wants to keep K-State connected to its land-grant mission.

Parking problems remain despite new garage

The parking garage is done. Well ... almost done. One would assume the almost completed parking garage would mean that parking would become easier...

Nate’s Notes: If Weber is done, don’t celebrate

Bruce Weber brought success and good basketball to Manhattan. Stop acting like he didn't.

Social attitudes should change with the times

"I wonder how much damage you did to that baby by probably binge drinking and smoking cigs at a Halloween party a week before...

Lowering the minimum wage would end in disaster

When I first heard the pitch for this story, I was shocked. Lower the minimum wage? That makes about as much sense to me...

OPINION: SCOTUS lifetime appointments have outlived their purpose

A presidential election is pivotal enough without an unspecified number of Supreme Court nominations in play as well.

US needs truly free media system for health care details

Imagine that your interests are opposed to those of the common citizens. You wish to enforce policies that benefit you and your supporters at...