OPINION: We’re falling into a season of fun new trends

With the seasons changing, many trends are likely to present themselves in full force this fall.

Woman unfairly penalized for acts of charity

Government officials in a township in Philadelphia are attempting to stop the charity of a woman by levying a $600 fine the next time she decides to...

Embracing Poverty

"It is simpler just to be poor ... the main thing is not to hold on to anything." – Dorothy DayWe're in an economic...

People need to ignore advertising, love their body

Body image is an issue that is becoming increasingly prevalent in our society. Although it is not limited to females alone, it seems young...

OPINION: Spring break is better than fall break, and that’s a fact

Fall break is inferior to spring break in every way, and that's the somewhat-objective truth.

Japan’s first lady claims alien abduction to Venus

Japan recently voted on a new prime minister and the lucky man slated to take office on Sept. 16 is Yukio Hatoyama. Hatoyama comes...

Negative male stereotypes overemphasized, overlooked in media

In a modern, First World society where equality and the elimination of gender bias is more present than ever, it is generally unarguable that...

Voluntary chemical castration could slice the cost of criminal rehabilitation

Castration. It’s a cringe-worthy word that invokes, at least among men, an almost sickening feeling of pain and disgust. I should know — I...

Logan’s Run – Feb. 22

By Aaron Logan

Smoking ban can’t be ignored

There is no issue in politics that should be ignored. It is important for all voters to educate themselves as much as possible on...

Green food and drinks make St. Patty’s Day fun

St. Patrick's Day is known as the day where everybody has a little Irish in them. Green clothes and goofy green hats abound, green...

Opinion: Get off your phone, pay attention to life

Lollar argues why it is important for relationships and life experiences to choose appropriate times to be on and off your smartphone.

OPINION: College: educational institute or corrupt business

From the clothes on your back to the water you drink, everything you use or own is commercialized and used for profit.

Music festival showcases town and college scene

    This weekend, almost 90 bands invaded Manhattan for two days of music.     The festival, an attempt by area organizations to promote area...

Sankofa Column: Oct. 27

Meet Mr. and Ms. BSU 2016, representatives of the organization.

Religious leaders not at fault for expressing political beliefs

I don't agree with every single thing my pastor says. That certainly makes for an awkward sermon, of course, but it happens. Every now...

OPINION: Words of wisdom to underclassmen from graduating senior

A K-State senior talks about how freshmen can better prepare themselves for the rest of their college experience.

Helping others learn important skills pays for itself

Two weekends ago, I was indoctrinated into a community of very caring individuals who do marvelous work for no pay at all. Instead, these...

Historical riots easily forgotten

As the 25th anniversary of the Aggieville riots rapidly approached, our staff found it very interesting how little information can be found online about...

Luke’s Locker: Adrian Martinez is the key to a potential conference title

Kansas State’s Big 12 potential depends on the mentality of Martinez.