From the President’s Desk: Feb. 17

K-Staters,I hope you’ll have time this week to enjoy the forecasted warmer weather! You know it has been a cold winter when 35 degrees...

Letter from Bill Snyder

Dear Kansas State Students and Family, Thank you so very much for your great performance Thursday evening at your Family Stadium. Your enthusiasm...

Guest editorial: A threat to K-State’s shared-governance model

A former SGA senator writes about the Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee.

Letter: We are more

Assistant Professor of journalism and mass communication, Kimetris Baltrip, addresses the need for conversation in the face of diversity and differences

Letter from the editor

An open letter to the human population.

Guest Editorial: Trump’s proposed actions against Muslims restricts equal opportunity

Diversity enhances the educational experience, but Trump could put an end to that.

We Believe You #Big12Together

The Big 12 student government leaders unite against sexual assault.

Guest editorial from Mindrup, Zwick campaign

Matt Mindrup and Emily Zwick, candidates for student body president and vice president, address the student body in this guest editorial.

OP-ED: What the left and right get “right”

A former liberal—turned conservative—reflects on the merits of both "sides."

From the president’s desk

K-State prepares for a shot at the Big 12 Championship, street improvements near campus are coming, and the Kansas Board of Regents sides with the students

The Sankofa Column: Nov. 11- The Miseducation of White America

Post-election concerns fill this week's Sankofa Column from the Black Student Union.

A response to the Diversity 2025 group

President Richard Myers responds to an April 13 letter to him from leaders of student organizations.

The Sankofa Column: Oct. 13

A letter from the Black Student Union.

OP-ED: Civility is dead. What can we do about it?

We are at war, and our democracy is dying.

LETTER: Student Governing Association members believe spring mental wellness day will be critical to...

Members of SGA urge faculty to allow for a spring mental wellness day after it was announced there will be no spring break.

Letter from President: Welcome to K-State

K-State Interim President Gen. Richard Myers writes a welcome message to all fall semester students.

The Sankofa Column: Nov. 18- The re-establishment of black America

The Sankofa Column addresses race issues at Kansas State and America.

From the President’s Desk: March 24

Mobile app survey will be sent to students

OP-ED: The Jonas Brothers getting back together is the best thing to happen this...

With the Jonas Brothers reunion, 2019 just got a little bit (okay, a lot) better.

President Myers: ‘Have fun, be safe’ on Fake Patty’s Day

K-State President Richard Myers encourages students to "have fun, be safe and make your K-State family proud" during weekend festivities.