President Myers: ‘Have fun, be safe’ on Fake Patty’s Day

K-State President Richard Myers encourages students to "have fun, be safe and make your K-State family proud" during weekend festivities.

From the president’s desk: Oct. 21

Homecoming preparations and an update on progress made toward a medical amnesty tax law

I’m a soon-to-be K-State College of Agriculture alum, and I’m still a vegetarian

An inside look on why I have never tried a hamburger and what it is like being a vegetarian majoring in agriculture.

OP-ED: What the left and right get “right”

A former liberal—turned conservative—reflects on the merits of both "sides."

From the President’s desk

OrgSync week full of events

Guest editorial: Students should appreciate Willie Statue

"It is important to remember that the economic model of our Union is a facility largely funded by students and for students."

From the president’s desk

A letter from the student body president and vice president.

From the President’s Desk: September 9

The SGA President and Vice President address the football game, the Union renovation, the state fair and the North Campus Corridor

From the President’s desk: May 6

Cabinet introductions

From the President’s Desk

A letter from the student body president and vice president.

OP-ED: Civility is dead. What can we do about it?

We are at war, and our democracy is dying.

Letter to the editor: Using fear of terrorism for political gains

A student writes to the Collegian about the use of fear in politics.

The Sankofa Column: Nov. 18- The re-establishment of black America

The Sankofa Column addresses race issues at Kansas State and America.

Guest Editorial: Some questions about the Confucius Institute

Jon Mahoney, associate professor of philosophy, expresses his opinion about K-State's partnership with the Confucius Institute.

From the president’s desk

President Reagan Kays' letter outlines Big 12 advocacy in DC, It's On Us and Union renovation updates.

Letter from BSU: #TheBlackExperience #InheritTheRevolution

K-State's Black Student Union is recognized for its recent achievement and exploration of the African-American culture.

Letter to President Myers on K-State diversity

Campus leaders from student organizations outline a list of steps Kansas State administration should take to increase the university's diversity.

LETTER: State’s distinguished professors call for cancellation of SEVP student ban

Distinguished professors from across the state detail why the oppose the Student and Exchange Visitor Program student ban and urge congressional representatives from Kansas take action.

Letter from President: Welcome to K-State

K-State Interim President Gen. Richard Myers writes a welcome message to all fall semester students.

A letter from Gen. Myers

Interim President Gen. Richard Myers writes a letter to the university community.