GUEST COLUMN: Prince’s legacy

Prince's death inspires a reflection of his unique sound and unorthodox style.

Guest Column: Communities must speak out against sexual assault

Communities need better awareness of sexual assault and help for survivors.

Letter from the president

A letter from student body president Andy Hurtig and vice-president Joe Tinker.

From the President’s Desk: 2/3/14

Teacher Evaluation Improvements in the works at K-State

From the President’s desk

A letter from SGA President Eli Schooley to the student body

We Believe You #Big12Together

The Big 12 student government leaders unite against sexual assault.

Sorority recruitment: Trusting a process that isn’t perfect

A look at sorority recruitment from the inside.

From the President’s Desk

The student body president and vice president talk about their summer plans for K-State.

Letter from BSU: #TheBlackExperience #InheritTheRevolution

A guest editorial from the Black Student Union.

From the President’s desk

A letter from student body president Andy Hurtig.

From the President’s desk

OrgSync Week, Workshop architects, and Union renovation updates

From the president’s desk

K-State heading to the Alamo Bowl, Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee will make money usage by organizations more transparent, there is news in the North Campus Corridor and the student body president wishes best of luck on finals

From the president’s desk

K-State prepares for a shot at the Big 12 Championship, street improvements near campus are coming, and the Kansas Board of Regents sides with the students

From the president’s desk

A trip to Iowa revealed how lucky we are, a new app is now available to help students stay safe, Workshop Architects will be back in town soon and the medical amnesty policy continues to pick up momentum

From the president’s desk

Looking forward to the SGA Serves You event this Wednesday, Pizza and Politics on Thursday, and submissions for campus sustainability projects

Guest editorial: A threat to K-State’s shared-governance model

A former SGA senator writes about the Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee.

A response to the Diversity 2025 group

President Richard Myers responds to an April 13 letter to him from leaders of student organizations.

From the Presidents Desk: Feb. 9

In this letter from the student body president and vice president, Jessica Van Ranken and Trenton Kennedy discuss their advocacy at the state capital.

From the President’s Desk: Jan. 19

The student body president and vice president welcome students back for the spring semester.

From the President’s Desk

A message from Student Body President Eli Schooley