Guest editorial from Ayres, Baalman campaign

Jack Ayres and Olivia Baalman, candidates for student body president and vice president, address the student body in this guest editorial.

From the president’s desk

K-State heading to the Alamo Bowl, Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee will make money usage by organizations more transparent, there is news in the North Campus Corridor and the student body president wishes best of luck on finals

Black Student Union responds to campus racism

The BSU responds after racial slurs appear on social media sites regarding week long events held by the organization.

From the President’s desk: Sept. 30

Elections, voter registration drives, former Kansas Gov. John Carlin and Rep. Tom Phillips speak and a State of the University address

Letter from the president

A letter from student body president Andy Hurtig and vice-president Joe Tinker.

Sankofa Column: Oct. 27

Meet Mr. and Ms. BSU 2016, representatives of the organization.

Chipotle misleads its consumers, bites hand that feeds it

In a guest editorial, Nathan Peterson argues how Chipotle's recent marketing techniques are misleading the public about the agriculture industry.

The Sankofa Column: Nov. 18- The re-establishment of black America

The Sankofa Column addresses race issues at Kansas State and America.

From the Presidents Desk: Feb. 9

In this letter from the student body president and vice president, Jessica Van Ranken and Trenton Kennedy discuss their advocacy at the state capital.

Letter to President Myers on K-State diversity

Campus leaders from student organizations outline a list of steps Kansas State administration should take to increase the university's diversity.

From the President’s Desk

By Eli Schooley, Student Body President

From the president’s desk

A letter from the student body president and vice president.

LETTER: State’s distinguished professors call for cancellation of SEVP student ban

Distinguished professors from across the state detail why the oppose the Student and Exchange Visitor Program student ban and urge congressional representatives from Kansas take action.

Letter from President: Welcome to K-State

K-State Interim President Gen. Richard Myers writes a welcome message to all fall semester students.

Guest editorial: Kays, Kennedy aim to hit the ground running during first 100 days...

After assuming student body presidency and vice presidency last week, Reagan Kays and Cody Kennedy have big plans for the start of their term

From the President’s Desk: Jan. 19

The student body president and vice president welcome students back for the spring semester.

OP-ED: How to dress for success before your first job interview

Laura Wiebe, Career Closet intern, shares how students preparing for job interviews can dress professionally.

Guest Editorial: Asking questions of the new interim president

Some questions about the leadership qualities of the new K-State interim president.

The Sankofa Column: Nov. 11- The Miseducation of White America

Post-election concerns fill this week's Sankofa Column from the Black Student Union.

Guest Editorial: Permitting guns on campus is unsafe, disruptive to learning

Professor speaks out against changing gun policy on campus.