Opinion: Get off your phone, pay attention to life

Lollar argues why it is important for relationships and life experiences to choose appropriate times to be on and off your smartphone.

Logan’s Run – Feb. 15

by Aaron Logan

OPINION: Immigrants don’t steal jobs, they help create them

It's time to recognize the contributions of people, especially students, from outside of the United States.

OPINION: How to cook in college without embarrassing yourself

Cooking in college doesn't have to be scary. Here's how you can start to improve without causing any culinary disasters.

No clear solution for illegal immigrant issue

Recently, the media has been littered with the news of the battle against illegal immigration along the border states. In light of the problems...

Love thy Neighbor

I was stunned last weekend while watching TV. I typically refrain from watching television, selectively watching certain shows through downloading or streaming online. So...

OPINION: ‘Party culture’ is harmful, universities must do more to help

Universities aren't doing enough to stop students from binge drinking. What can be done to stop this?

Students should expand tolerance of other schools

I see this happen on campus all too often, and it utterly baffles me: K-State students wearing shirts of other schools in the Big...

Petitions are effective after all

White says that online petitions, for better or for worse, are a real way to have an impact on the world.

Terrorist coloring book fun for no one

Like most children I spent my younger years coloring outside the lines, but unlike other kids I never stopped. Just last week I sat...

Good careers found in nonprofit organizations

College students across the nation are feeling the crunch as they become prospective employees during a time of financial turmoil.     An uncertain economy...

Greek community’s philanthropic efforts not in vain

In Beth Mendenhall's opinion column, entitled "Charity groups waste time on less efficient causes," she targets sororities and fraternities for being a nuisance to...

OPINION: Local students should follow international students’ lead to prevent the spread of COVID-19

The upcoming semester brings challenges, but local students can learn from their international peers and wear masks to class.

OPINION: Finding a significant other in the digital age

The pros and cons of online dating

OPINION: College credits in high school are false indicator of school quality

Is a college degree the new high school diploma?

Opinion: Working out is important but so is enjoying life

Meyers argues why it is important to balance exercise while not missing out on life's experiences.

What is one food you would never throw away?

What is one food you would never throw away? Bananas. They're just awesome and even if they get over-ripe, you can make banana bread or...

Patriot Guard protects honor of fallen heros

"Freedom ain't free and the cost is high," said Erik Ahlen, sophomore in park management and conservation.Ahlen is a member of the Patriot Guard,...

Senior takes different approach in popping the question

Asking for a woman's hand in marriage is one of the most important things a man will do in his life. Tom Chaffee, senior...

Spring weather brings more outdoor adventure opportunities in, around Manhattan

Longer days of sunshine create more possibilities for outside activities, and Manhattan offers many adventures.