Protection in workplace should extend to all

On Feb. 4, Senate Bill 169, adding "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" to Kansas' current nondiscrimination statute, passed on a 5-3 vote. This approval...

Welfare criteria should be more strict to avoid abuse

For the sake of fair warning, I am about to say something the majority of the liberal readers will probably not like. In fact,...

Bikers beware and mind the signs

Biking is a smart alternative to driving, as long as you are smart about biking.

Campus safety, economy would benefit from increased lighting

The K-State campus can be downright creepy at night. The sidewalks are dark with infrequent lights illuminating little but the gloom. Every time I hear the...

Logan’s Run: July 10

by Aaron Logan

College sports bring K-State student community together

There are many ways to gain camaraderie with a specific group of people. You can join a club or find a church home or...

OPINION: Giving the GOP a fighting chance

Some platform shifts Republicans need to take back the White House.

UGGs: expensive trend, animal cruelty or just plain UGG-ly?

Vlasic argues how UGG boots are not worth a person's money or use, because of the cruelty they require from sheep.

NBAF already attracting new industry

Since Manhattan was selected as the future site of the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility the city has gained world focus in the bio-science...

Opinion: Social media is valid source of news

Social media is faster and more personal than traditional news outlets

Newspaper poetry nothing new

    Newspaper poetry as a concept has ebbed and flowed through the centuries of newsprint, and has served many different purposes. But its purpose...

Creatures evil, out to destroy humankind

There is a hidden menace in our country, an unfortunate side effect of immigrants coming over from Ireland many years ago. These hopeful souls...

A letter from Coach Snyder

Coach Snyder sends his message of welcome to the K-State family.

OP-ED: Our democracy needs voters, so you should register today

National Voter Registration Day is on Tuesday. Still wondering how to register to vote in Riley County? We've got details.

Grads see hope for future despite economy

I was sitting at home this weekend, staring out my window, trying desperately to think of a catchy introduction for this article. I knew...

For The Win

Five minutes to midnight too close for comfort

It's five minutes to midnight. Not literally, of course, but the Doomsday Clock, a theoretical clock face created and maintained by the Bulletin of the...

Higher education provides no help for working poor

Thompson argues that our education system hurts those just above the poverty line most.

OPINION: Is a ban on tobacco a good thing?

Was pharmaceutical company CVS's 2014 ban on tobacco sales the right course of action?

Allowing same-sex marriage would make all equal

The notion that "all men are created equal" has inspired the patriotism of generations of Americans since the Declaration of Independence. However, most of...