OPINION: Dr. Seuss controversy brings to light importance of diversity in children’s literature

It would be easy to accept the stories I grew up reading as the gospel truth of goodness, but we were not made for comfort; we were made for greatness. And many times that means making decisions that aren’t so easy, including becoming aware of our own ignorance.

OPINION: Still need a book for class? Check the library.

Hale may have burned and there is a pandemic, but the library still gets books to students and does so safely.

OPINION: Romantic comedies provide great laughs, feel-good atmosphere

There’s nothing better than getting cozy on the couch, lighting some candles and watching a feel-good movie.

OPINION: I want to break up this Valentine’s Day

I’d like to think love still can’t be bought, and that being single doesn’t mean you’re alone.

OPINION: Rejection of a spring mental wellness day was the wrong call

Faculty senate rejected a proposal by Student Governing Association that advocated for spring mental wellness days which leaves some students with a 16 week break free semester

OPINION: Some men like to wear dresses, and it really is that simple

Harry Styles sparked controversy when he made the bold decision to wear a couture gown on the cover of Vogue

OPINION: No-Christmas-carol November

The weather is cooling off and one long holiday break is approaching. You might be itching to turn on those holiday tracks, but I'm not.

OPINION: KSU Administration needs to be better at fighting campus racism

An inadequate amount of attention was paid to the "Zoombombing" of KSUnite. Students still need consequences.

OPINION: Inadequate mail-in support shook my faith in the voting system

Weeks after submitting my mail-in ballot, I was standing in line to vote in person. Others weren't lucky enough to participate in the election.

OPINION: Unknown presidential results serve as reminder of limited powers

While the results to the presidential election remain unclear, we're reminded of the many other races that make a difference in our communities

OPINION: Wear masks when it makes sense, not when it doesn’t

The K-State Rec Center mandated that masks be worn at all times, including during cardio workouts and on the running track.

OPINION: Second round of presidential debates more civil than first, reveal little new information

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden participate in round two of presidential debates, this time with the possibility of being muted.

OPINION: Recent election seasons are proving America’s two-party system to be insufficient

As each party demands totalitarian-like commitment, elections become more divisive and unproductive

OPINION: KSUnite zoom bombing is a loud wake up call

While the K-State administration works out how to penalize the disruptors, there are many things all of us can do.

LETTER: Student Governing Association members believe spring mental wellness day will be critical to...

Members of SGA urge faculty to allow for a spring mental wellness day after it was announced there will be no spring break.

OPINION: K-State should invest in tomorrow’s global leaders by educating refugees

It's time to start investing in refugees rather than fearing them by providing them with education and tools.

OPINION: International students should promote global peace, unity.

International students are able to witness the fight for equality in the United States. They should take the fight for things like racial equality, LGBTQ+ rights and climate change to their home countries as well.

OPINION: If isolation is triggering unhealthy eating habits, you’re not alone

COVID-19 and a lack of activities can create an environment ideal for obsessive thoughts about food, exercise and healthy living.

Letter from the editor: Collegian now publishing print editions once a week

With a heavy heart, the Kansas State Collegian will now publish print editions once a week on Friday's because of budget cuts.