OPINION: Big 12 SGA statements against BYU more harmful than helpful

Despite BYU's failings, Big 12 SGA's should open doors, not close them if they want issues to be solved.

OPINION: Hot dogs are not sandwiches

A new debate that's taken the world by storm asks if hot dogs should be considered sandwiches. Here's my take.

Portrayal of women in media, pop culture undermines strength and ability

There are countless people and places dedicated to the study of feminism exposing both the good and the bad of gender differences we encounter...

Obesity in America: Consumers, not companies, to blame

The Coca-Cola Company attracted controversy last week when it released a two-minute commercial chronicling its efforts against obesity in America. The ad, which critics...

Pros, cons of marriage while still in college

To the point is an editorial selected and debated by the editorial board and written after a majority opinion is formed. This is the...

OPINION: Top 8 electives for the lazy college student

K-State 8 got you feeling down? These classes are for you.

OPINION: Getting U.S. work authorization is becoming extremely difficult

International students are struggling to find jobs in the United States.

Segregation still an issue in schools today

In 1954, the legendary Supreme Court case of Brown v. Board of Education brought an end to any laws that established school segregation, deeming...

EDITORIAL: Aggieville should put public health first, cancel Fake Patty’s Day

Crowding into bars is probably one of the worst things you can do when preventing the spread of a pandemic — short of maybe licking hand railings in public places and not washing your hands.

Worst pickup lines

Statements that will ensure rejection

Environment more important than economy

It's five minutes to midnight, and American exceptionalism can't save us now.The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has identified climate change and environmental destruction as...

OPINION: Studying abroad is an adventure every student should choose

To make the most of your time in college, you should study abroad for the experience of a lifetime.

EDITORIAL: This crisis is far from over — stop acting like it is

In fact, this careless disregard for science and other peoples' lives has likely only exasperated a problem local health officials and the community have done a pretty good job of keeping at bay.

Cohabitation good way to test relationship before marriage

Cohabitation has a 50 percent higher chance of leading to divorce in the future, according to the article, "Is Living Together A Good Taste...

Cheerleading not actual sport, does not meet Title IX qualifications

When you think of a sport, what’s the very first thing that pops into your mind?Maybe famous athletes, your favorite team or the gifts of...

Beauty pageants for little girls not harmful

"Toddlers and Tiaras" is a phenomenon that has been sweeping the nation for quite a few years now. America seems to be fascinated by...

OPINION: 6 tips for being environmentally conscious every day

It's Earth Day! Here's how you can celebrate all year long.

Sandy cheeks at Tuttle Creek

New park rule would turn shores of Tuttle Creek into nude beaches.

Fan fiction more creative than most people think

Fan fiction — the term conjures up images of badly written and poorly thought-out stories. The common perception is that fan fiction doesn't count...

Far from home: developing independence in college

Independence in college is a daunting task.