Collaborative effort needed to solve global environmental problems

Our generation is destined to live in one of the most important and interesting time periods in human history. Technology has profoundly affected the...

New administration should prevent bioterror

    President-elect Barack Obama is going to be one busy guy come January. From day one of his presidency, issues like the economic crisis...

Firing female employees due to pregnancy matter of discrimination, not religion

It seems that discussing the state of a woman's uterus in politics and workplace affairs is becoming more and more common in our day...

Murdoch’s block on Google not good for business

This week, media mogul Rupert Murdoch — the man behind Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and numerous other media outlets – announced he...

Controversial medical advancements deserve support to extend human lifespan

In 2012, Emily Whitehead was on death’s door. The 7-year-old’s acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the most common childhood cancer, had resisted chemotherapy for more than...

OPINION: A photojournalist’s guide to learning on the job, finding new work

Photojournalism can be very intimidating at first, but once you dive into it, you can learn so much.

Christmas, elections begin earlier each year to make money

Halloween is approaching, and that can mean only one thing: Christmas is almost here. OK, maybe that's not what you were thinking, but that...

China outpaces U.S. in green technologies, invests for long term

Jobs, jobs, jobs. All the politicians talk about jobs and how they are pushing to create them. Their problem, though, is that they only...

Letter to the Editor: Spring Game needs change

I have been to three spring football games and have come to three conclusions. First, the student body should be ashamed at their involvement...

Opinion: ‘Thinspiration’ detrimental to physical, mental health

Perfect bodies shown on social media are usually unobtainable

OPINION: Social media is the newest necessary job skill

Social media can make or break you in the job market

Editors share Thanksgiving memories

A few years ago I was horsing around with my brothers on Thanksgiving break, and my older brother tried to kick me and missed....

Students should try to attend lecture

    Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox will give a Landon Lecture in McCain Auditorium today. This man dealt with a load of issues...

Smokers on campus minding their own business

One time, as I stood outside the K-State Student Union, I was talking to a smoker in the designated smoking area when a bunch...

Logan’s Run

Topeka’s domestic violence debacle puts people at risk

While to many, the consequences for those who commit domestic violence seem obvious, how to deal with these cases and who deals with them...

OPINION: Doctors shouldn’t ‘stay in their lane,’ NRA is wrong about gun violence

The NRA says doctors should "stay in their lane" when it comes to the effects of gun violence, but who knows this stuff better than doctors?

OPINION: Broken systems perpetuate sexual misconduct on Capitol Hill

While it may seem that the sexual misconduct of powerful people is finally getting punished, broken appeal systems prevent action in Congress.

OPINION: Former Saturday Night Live writer makes for potential VP to Clinton

A potential strategy to unite Democrats behind Hillary Clinton with the popular Massachusetts senator is far-fetched.

OPINION: #StopTheChant made the ‘F*** KU’ problem worse

Student leaders and administrators begging K-Staters to #StopTheChant has only stirred the pot this basketball season.